Who is a Person of the Spirit?

The person of the spirit is one who is led by the Holy Spirit of God. Being a person of the Spirit is also tantamount to walking in the spirit and one evidence of a person of the spirit is that he prays in the spirit (in tongues). This act of praying in the spirit, is praying by the influence of the Holy Ghost.

As believers, we have been called into a life by the Spirit, our dwelling place is in the Spirit. The flesh should not have dominion in your life (Galatians 5:16-17). When you walk in the spirit, you subject yourself to the directives of the Spirit.

The Person of the Spirit by Dorcas Okeowo

Before all of these can be attained, you have to identify with the cross (Gal 2:20). You have to give your life to Christ. It is in doing this that you become a person of the spirit. This means that the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in you. Afterwards, you get baptized with the evidence of speaking in tongues and the Holy Spirit starts to communicate with you.

To maintain this position, you have to heed to the teachings and leadings of the the Spirit that is in you (John 14:26). The less you listen to the Spirit of God, the less He speaks to you. The more you listen to the Spirit of God, the more He speaks to you. This is an important way to maintain that position of being a person of the Spirit. 

Also, praying in/with tongues (Eph 6:18, 5:18). When you as a believer pray in the Spirit, you give expression to the Spirit of God inside of you. It is helping your spirit yield more to the Spirit of God.

Rom 8:15, Col 3:2 teaches us to mind the things that are above (this doesn't literally mean looking up to the sky, but fixing your gaze on God Himself, not where He stays exactly). By virtue of the Holyspirit in you, God has come to live in you. That is why it is called the “Spirit of God". Therefore, barricade your mind with the things that be of God and your journey as a person of the spirit will be pleasant. 

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