4 Ways to Deal with Depression as a Believer

As believers, the devil still comes around, trying hard to frustrate our lives and see if we can turn our backs on God. His aim is to mess with your mind and thoughts, to steal your joy and draw you away from God. Many things build up to form as depression but you can choose to allow it or reject it.

4 Ways to Deal with Depression as a Believer

It is not enough to talk about Depression and its effect on people, especially believers. But then, how can one deal with depression? What way out and options do you have if you feel depressed as a child of God?

1. Engage Positive Confessions

Confessions put you up in a standard and position you want to be. You see yourself in those confessions and as a result, you become what you see. There is this amazing confession by Joyce Smith in the movie, Breakthrough where she tells her son saying "For what it's worth, you have a purpose and you are loved." Confessions like this help you to get back on track and although they may not mean so much at the time, you will definitely remember how good it worked when things get better. If you need a confession guide to lead you through, you  you can download the New Man Confession Handbook by clicking here.

2. Stay around Good People

Depression thrives when you close in on yourself. You should share your issues and have people connect with you. The love and care you find around them is more than enough to send away the spirit of depression. In our article here, we talked about the essence of spiritual and beneficial friendships You are trying to come out of the devil's pit of depression and you need people to help draw you out by their love, good words and compassion.

3. Pray, In tongues too.

You see, prayer can be underrated many times. While prayer can be done in the spirit (praying in tongues) and in understanding too, we are focusing on praying in tongues here. There is so much therapy in the Holy Spirit, especially when you blast in tongues, praying. The Holyghost fuels you and helps you build confidence in yourself, self esteem and ultimate trust in God to help you overcome the spirit of depression. You also have a surety in prayer that where there is light, no darkness can hide and where the spirit of God is, the spirit of depression has to leave immediately.

4. Believe God's word

Many times, the reason why we are depressed is because we worry about so many things even after God has given His assurance over them. God's word in Isaiah 46:11b assures us that God will do just what He has said, and will fulfill what He has planned to do. You must learn to believe God's word and hold on to it. God is very faithful and accountable to every word He says. As Apostle Joshua Selman would say, you must also learn that if God alone is taking the glory in every situation, He alone will take the shame. He puts premium value on His word and will not want it to fall to the ground. As such, you must be able to believe God's word even when things do not look like it.

Dear Believer, you must know that depression is the devil's trick to invade and try to cover the light in our hearts. He usually comes in when a believer loses a loved one, grieves over a lost opportunity or generally when things are not moving fine as expected. It is your duty as a believer to guard your heart against every form of depression and shut the devil out with his game against your heart. 

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