How Obedient Faith Works Miracles

The miracles of Jesus were practical lessons addressed to the sight that all may see and believe rather than the ear which people may hear but easily forget. Jesus performed miracles and still does through believers today. These miracles are one of many ways to prove God’s love for mankind and his presence in the world. These miracles come to be by many factors and two crucial factors that influences a miracle is the heart of obedience and faith.

How Obedient Faith Works Miracles - The New Man Movement
There is a popular adage says “seeing is believing”, but it’s doesn’t work that way in God’s kingdom; here, believing is seeing. Jesus performed miracles in order to make people believe in Him as the son of God sent to deliver the world from the power of the devil. Jesus desires that unbelievers will believe Him and that believers will establish themselves in faith through the miracles He wrought. For this reason, divine miracles exist today as a means of expressing God’s love towards us. As His children, God's desire is for us to live in peace, have long life and good health. This is boldly is recorded in 3rd John:2.

God released miracles to us today so as  to declare to the world that truly; Christ rose from the dead and that all authorities and powers have been given unto him and that by, and in his name, all may be delivered and saved. For these reasons, miracles are performed in the name and blood of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit. However, every receiver of miracles has a part to play in his or her miracles process. The major requirement to receive miracle is FAITH. Obedience and good works are important requirements to receiving miracle.

Works of miracle is for all people; believers and unbelievers. They can receive miracles because God, the giver of miracles, loves the whole world and gave Jesus church as the mediator of a better covenant through whom everyone can come to the father. His purpose for us is to live in peace. Therefore, God is always ready to give the goodness of his hand to whoever comes to him.

According to scholars, miracle is an extraordinary event believed to be the work of God through saints. A miracle is a GOD given occurrence. It is not ascribed to human power or the laws of nature. Whatever is done by man’s power is not a miracle. A miracle is also divine, unexplainable and freely given by grace without cost.

There are different kinds of miracles. They include healing miracles, miracles of restoration, deliverance and protection as well as miracles of provision and promotion. The greatest miracle however, is the miracle of salvation. As no one on earth is complete, we definitely need the help of God to achieve good success and to overcome challenges of the world without disappointing God. This can only happen through miracles. The reasons why we see God’s miracle in the lives of believers are majorly: 

  • To remove reproach and contempt from believers - Elizabeth ( Luke 1:24-25)
  • To silence believers’ accusers and mockers- Paul ( Acts 28:3-6)
  • To compensate believers’ steadfastness ( Peter 12:1-11)
  • To encourage believers to be more steadfast and remain faithful- Tabitha (Acts 9:36-41)
  • To turn the heart of unbelievers to God through miracle wrought ( Acts 9:32-35)

God performs miracles in the lives of unbelievers too. When He does this, it is to the end that they may believe. God created all things for His glory and He expresses his mercy to man in order to propagate his loving kindness to those who are still in darkness. God uses a miracle as a medium of drawing such person closer to himself in order to save his soul. He also reveals the fact that his mercy is extended to as many (sinners) that may come to him.

Once an unbeliever comes to Jesus, he is completely accepted into the fold, no matter how terrible he may be. Zachaeus climbed the sycamore tree to see who Jesus was. That determination of his was what Jesus worked upon. He determined to see Jesus, and Jesus revealed himself unto Zachaeus, offering him the miracle of salvation.


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