Can Others Trust You?: Gospel Today Devotional - 9th September, 2021


Can Others Trust You?: Gospel Today Devotional - 9th September, 2021.

 As we go through life, we discover that there are persons whose mouths can't be closed, right? How do I mean? That there are persons who derive so much joy in saying any and everything including that which should be kept a secret. In fact, when you meet such persons, there's nothing called secret in their dictionary. They would say all they have to say without hiding anything. This in return has hurt so many persons and it's one of the reasons many die in silence. They'd rather remain that way (that is, be silent) than to speak with people whose mouths cannot close.

Suppose you shared something very precious to you with a friend simply because you trusted him or her and felt like you had someone who could share the burden with you only to discover that another friend who wasn't there came to talk to you about it or even insulted you with that same thing, tell me, how would you feel? Happy? I don't think so. You would feel betrayed, right? How could someone you trusted so much go about telling people that which he should only be the one to know about  would be the question in your heart, right? It can be that painful. Let me quickly say this, there are people who out of concern can talk to people who they feel can help considering the situation. That's not the category of persons we are talking about.

Such persons who fall into this category do it out of their concern and willingness to help and with such persons, you're not to feel betrayed. They love and care for you. However, we are referring to people the scripture refer to as talebearers (carriers of rumours) and people so unfaithful in concealing a matter. Let's see the passage of scripture below,

A talebearer revealeth secrets: but he that is of a faithful spirit concealeth the matter" (Proverbs 11:13).

Haven't you discovered that many times the reason for hatred and fight between persons was because someone was unfaithful to conceal (that is, keep to himself) a matter that was told to him. This thing called talebearing is what one can also call gossiping. It is deadly. It kills trust and not only that, it puts the one who truly communicates his heart to the one he thought could conceal the matter in a state so unbearable. It is not of God to go about revealing secrets. It should not even be heard or named amongst believers. Let me ask you a question, can I? Can others trust you enough to share their concerns with you without thinking you would share it with others?

In our anchor text, it tells to us what a talebearer does and makes a contrast between a talebearer and one who is faithful in concealing a matter. It says a talebearer reveals secrets. He does not know how to keep secrets. That's the only thing he does. He goes around gossiping. He is unable to conceal a matter. This shouldn't be found in you as a believer. You should not go around spreading rumours or gossiping. If only you know how much harm this does to people, you would detest it so much. And if you have been doing that, the Lord through his word today warns to desist from such act. It is not of God.

Considering the other part, we see those who are of a faithful spirit. What do they do? They conceal a matter meaning that they don't go about revealing secrets or gossiping. They keep things to themselves and hence can always be trusted. This is how we should live as believers. This is that which is expected of us. We are of a faithful spirit (that is a heart that is committed to concealing things) pertaining to people with a desire to help them. Let this ring in our hearts at all times. Let me ask again, can others trust you? The Lord help us in Jesus' name. Amen.

Thought for the day: Can others trust you enough to share their concerns with you without thinking you would share it with others?

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