God has not given us the Spirit of Fear

Fear is an undesirable feeling that is caused by an omen of harm, danger or pain. This could be physical, psychological and as well emotional. If you see a man who is being controlled by fear, you have seen a man who is defeated already. Fear is an unseen enemy which is capable of negatively rewriting a man's destiny. Sadly, you truly cannot tell how well you're controlled by it, until you decide to take that step, or one day you just sit to look back and then realise that you should have done things differently or tried certain alternatives. As it is, fear has the power to destroy a man's destiny because it has the power to keep you from realizing that you are so much and more.

God has not given us the Spirit of Fear by Olubiyi Mercy

Fear surges through a man's heart making him so unsure of what step to take. It makes men to ponder with questions like, 'should I tread this path'? What if I fail? So great is it's power on men, who doesn't know how to deal with it, it's with the power to control a man's emotions, eating deep into his mind until he arrives at the point where he says 'i give up'. I did rather not do that than face the shame and failures that lies ahead.

Fear the initiator of the saying ' I had better not try that, what if it fails on yeilding what I expected?  Holding him back from seeing the good that lies ahead and placing his focus on the negative side, keeping him stagnant, comfortable enough not to pursue a higher goal. Unknown to him that he can achieve so much more, if only he can learn to take a leap of faith to forge ahead to discover the hidden treasures that lies ahead.

Fear helps a man to discover little of his potentials and achieve less. A man who really wants to make an impact shouldn't be sacred of taking risks, as it helps him to discover who he is and could be.

Fear can come in diverse ways, it could be about the choices we make, our career or even the fear of losing a pregnancy or been involved in a car accident or losing someone dear to us our even been sacked from our place of work. 

We should know that we have been given the power to overcome fear, no matter how hard it tries to creep into our lives, we should learn to develop our hope in Christ through his word and through prayers. He's capable of calming every storm. Isaiah 41:10 ' Do not be afraid - I am with you, I am your God - let nothing terrify you, I will make you strong and help you, I will protect you and save you'. 

Sometimes we tend to be forgetful about all he has done and we allow fear and anxiety to take it's grip on us. As christians we are to learn to look back and count our blessings, if he could have brought us out from that particular situation in the past of which seemed as if there was going to be no way out... He is more than capable to do so much more for us once again, if only we learn to believe! His word says ' whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved' (Romans 10:13). 

All he truly needs from us is to learn to shift our focus off our fears and place it on Him. Learn to control your fears through your faith in Christ.

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