How to Grow your Blog Audience as a Christian Blogger

There are different ways to promote your your Christian Blog


1. Social Media Traffic

There are many social media platforms and forums but then while you utilise them, if you don’t already have a big following on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, it might be a waste of time in the beginning. However, Pinterest and Quora seems to be the new bet for blogging traffic as a Christian Blogger. There is a whole world of Pinterest secrets every Christian blogger needs to know. It is the most effective search engine if you want to quickly drive traffic to your blog. To do so, you need to create a Pinterest account, learn how to design Pins and decide on a Pinteresting Strategy.

When I first started I decided that I would only pin manually. This means that I don’t use any type of Pin Schedulers like Tailwind and others. While I do have a Tailwind account that I use when I’m busy for multiple days, I would not suggest it to new bloggers.

 Becoming a good blogger lies in knowing and understanding your readers.

And if you start off by pinning with a scheduler you will most likely spend less time on Pinterest and miss out on valuable lessons, like:

  • What are people searching for?
  • What type of Pin performs the best on Pinterest?
  • When it is time to create seasonal blog posts?

2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the art of optimizing your Christian blog and Christian blog posts for the big search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. The goal here is to create content that ranks (high) on those search engines and can be found by Googlers. SEO is so important because people that search for something on Google are already looking for the content you provide and therefore highly engaged once they find the answer on your blog. These readers tend to subscribe to your newsletter, buy your products and use your affiliate links. Which is how you make money as a Christian blogger.

However, SEO is one of the more challenging skills to learn when you first start out as a blogger. In order to become an SEO expert, you need to master two things: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO refers to everything you can do to improve your own blog. It entails things like improving site speed, optimizing keywords for your blog posts and interlinking blog posts so that readers stay on your site longer. Off-page SEO, on the other hand, is harder. Here you are required to find ways to link to your website from other domains in order to increase domain authority. Sorry another big word, feel free to read up on what domain authority is here.

With a good SEO game, your Christian blog will automatically rank on Google's Search first page for multiple high-traffic keywords. This in return will bring in tons of more traffic and in the long run, increased earnings. Meanwhile, you must learn that keeping up with SEO can be a lot of work, but then it’s the single most effective strategy to build passive income. This is because a lot of traffic means higher ad income, which is a nice way to make money as a Christian blogger without working 40 hours a week. 

3. Physical Publicity

You can go to churches, pitch your blog to Christian ministries and organisations  

4. Prints and Souvenirs

As a Christian Blogger, you are basically supposed to promote Christ and you can do that through your blog. To grow your blog audience, you can simply create beautiful print designs for shirts, mugs, Bible divides and play cards among others. These prints and souvenirs could be distributed to the public for free or a small fee.

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