How to Handle Gossips as a Believer

As a believer,, you must understand there people have different behavioural patterns, belief systems and thought structures. With the different characters alike, you must also understand that gossips are the only things that move faster than sound.

How to Handle Gossips as a Believer

1. Do not lend a Ear

There is so much work to do in establishing God's kingdom on earth and attending to gossips will not do that work. As believers, we have to remain focused to our call in the one true God and keep our eyes on the father's business. Gossips are a distraction to our duty on earth because whether you do good or evil, they definitely have something to say.

2. Pray for your Gossips

This may be difficult to do especially if you have been deeply hurt by their words. Jesus tells us in scriptures to pray for our enemies and all those who speak evil against us. Jesus Himself was a perfect example as He prayed for His enemies. In the same manner, praying for people who gossip you helps your heart to melt every bitterness and anger that may rise against them. You will experience the peace of God in your heart and leave them to whatsoever narrative they decode to spread.

3. Communicate if you can

It is necessary to be in talking terms with your gossips. God's word instructs us to "follow peace with all men". You do not have to sit them.down and start some long talk, but in little acts, you can still communicate.

4. Show them Love

With all that they have said about you (which you likely heard), it is still necessary that you go out of you way to show them some love. You can drop a gift box or pay their taxi fare. You can also... By doing that, you are showing them a new dimension of God in you and that can

5. Give them Positive Reasons to Talk about

Gossips talk about anything and everything, whether good or bad. There is every likelihood that their gossips about you are about your good deeds, although in a bad manner. You should give them your narrative and let them spread it. Be cautious of your actions so you do not become the talk of the day over questionable character. That way, they will be convicted by the.Holy Spirit and will come to seek your forgiveness.

Finally, as mentioned earlier, the Bible says that believers should follow peace with all men.

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