Righteousness or Deceit?: Gospel Today Devotional - 16th September, 2021

Righteousness or Deceit?: Gospel Today Devotional - 16th September, 2021

One thing about the law court is that witnesses are brought before the judge, isn't it? Why is this? It is so that by their confession or witness as it is called, there would be evidences either to prove that the accused is guilty of the crimes that he was charged for or not. The issue is this, someone who doesn't even know the truth can be a witness just to show that the accused is guilty even if truly he is not. To say someone did a thing when he actually he didn't and to say you saw something happen when actually you didn't is what we may want to refer to as one being a false witness.

In other words, you're testifying against one whom you know nothing about, maybe never met in your life.  The thing that amazes me is the fact that after many may have sworn never to tell a lie before the judge, they still do. How can someone tell lies and still be comfortable not to even say such witness can be very detrimental to the accused? To them, there's no way the judge will know, isn't it? Can I ask you a question? Even if the judge doesn't know it's a lie, don't you think there's a greater Judge who sees you and knows that which you do? If you do not fear the judge of a law court, shouldn't you fear the one who will judge everyone according to his work? 

One who bears false witness has not come to know the Lord. This is because if truly he has come to know the Lord, he would not lie at all not to talk about the fact that his action can so make another suffer. The scripture affirms that God will not lie (Numbers 23:19) and by implication, you shouldn't too because you now have his nature in you. It is not of God to bear false witness against another. If it is not the truth, don't say it. Praise God. Let's see the passage of the scripture below,

"He that speaketh truth sheweth forth righteousness: but a false witness deceit"(Proverbs 12:17).

The scripture here talks about the fact that there is that which is ascribed to those who speak the truth. There's that which their truth testify about them. It shows to us that they are righteous. This is indeed something we must look at closely. It means he who says the truth shows that he is righteous (paraphrased). It shows that the nature of God: his nature of righteousness is at work in that person's life (Psalm 11:7). God because of his righteous nature will not lie. So those who speak the truth show forth the nature of God (righteousness). This implies to the believer and although one may speak the truth, it does not mean such a one is righteous because righteousness can only be ascribed to one who has placed faith in Christ.

In other words, we mean to say that anyone who speaks the truth in Christ Jesus shows forth righteousness. Is this clear? However, there's that which qualifies the other set of people known as false witnesses. That which they show by their actions is deceit. Lies deceive, and that's the aim of false witness. It deceives the one to whom it is told such that he believes what he is told is the truth. This trait doesn't indicate one has been born of God like we said earlier on. 

The question is this, where are you really? Do you speak the truth? Do you bear false witness? Do you show forth righteousness? Do you show forth deceit? If you still bear falseness and show forth deceit, it means that you do not know the God who is righteous yet because those who are of him only speak the truth and show forth his trait. If this is the case, he bids to come. He wants you to show forth his trait too but until you come, you won't be able to. Can you tell of someone you do not know? The answer is no. Let the answer in your heart be this; Lord, I come. The Lord cause his word to dwell richly in our hearts. Amen.

Thought for the day: Those who are of the Lord speak the truth, and this shows that they are of him. Are you the Lord's? If yes, do you speak the truth or lies? Do you show forth righteousness or deceit?

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