Should Christians Watch Big Brother Naija?

This 2023, the Big Brother Naija Show will be aired for the seventh consecutive year. The Big Brother Naija Show first aired on television screens on 5th March, 2006 and since then, it has gained the interest of millions of viewers across Nigeria and even Africa. People have argued that there are some good sides to it, especially as regards economic and financial gains for the entertainment industry. But for Christians - I mean believers, are there really any good sides?
Should Christians Watch Big Brother Naija?
There have been many questions about Christians watching the Big Brother Naija Show and this is probably one out of many. Each time I hear this question and follow through the arguments, I always conclude that the acceptability of the reality show is a subject of morality. A similar argument  to this is the question of whether or not Christians should listen to secular music. So, in this article, let's look at a few things to address this question.


1. What's the Purpose of the Big Brother Naija Show?

Several questions have been asked about the aim of the Big Brother Naija Show but before this, let us have a breakdown of what the show is all  about. The reality show is one where individuals (male and female) with random characters and behavioural patterns are housed in a location for a minimum of ninety days. During this period, they all cook, eat, play, talk, and live as a big family in the Big Brother House. Their stay is spiced up with frequent games and activities that score them points while they grow a fan base who vote for them outside the house. 

Some are of the opinion that it is meant for entertainment and promoting the Nigerian brand, others condemn the show for its propagation of sexual immorality and other vices. All in all, there are divergent views about the suitability of the show for the human eyes.

2. Does the Big Brother Naija Show Edify a Believer?

If you want a straight answer to this question, that would be NO. No matter how good you want to paint it, Big Brother Najia does not edify a believer. Big Brother Naija is not something Christians should make a big deal about. There are many things on the show including games and activities which do not glorify God in the life of a believer. From the reviews of believers who watched the show at one point in time or the other, the housemates sometimes engage in immoral and sexual acts which are condemned by God's word. Plus they get ambassadorship deals and prize money plus their brands blow up. It’s basically entertainment. Every time you watch the show, your edification is at stake.

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3. Does Big Brother Naija give True Value?

While manypeople believe that value is relative in the outside world, the Kingdom of God is subject to the word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit. You may argue that BBNaija teaches people people sense through the games and every other thing they do. However if you check properly, the values they sell on the show are not good values and as believers, we shouldn’t encourage such. Watching BBNaija also means that you endorse it. You won’t know when you start to “not see anything wrong in gossip or pre-marital sex”. Things you’re supposed to shun, you won’t know when you start slipping, slowly.

4. BBNaija Supports Immorality

When you watch BBNaija, you find scenes that are obscene becaise cameras are hidden strategically all round the house. It seems to support so much immorality. How explain coming to live with strangers and you can’t go one month without starting a sexual relationship? It makes no sense to me- if the show was decent then it would have been okay but it’s not.

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As humans, we have a tendency to defend what we like, for example, if you love to drink sugary drinks, you will defend your choice regardless of the glaring implications of your unhealthy choice.

Be sincere with yourself, ask yourself why do I really like this show? What do I gaining by watching it? What exactly am I looking  for? Having answered these questions truthfully, weigh the worth of the investment you are making in the show in terms of your time and emotions. Ask yourself, is it worth it?

So this is really not to say ‘Oh a Christian should or should not watch BBN’ it is a call to be sincere with yourself about what your intentions and motives are.

The call to guard your heart covers every single thing we take in, and BBN should be passed under the same scrutiny.

Many Christians have grown the culture of  watching the social reality star Big Brother Naija, popularly known as BBNaija, claiming that  ‘it is not affecting me’. However, as believers, we must not compromise the truth as they are not called to tickle men’s fancies but are custodians of God’s mysteries to explain His truth in a way men will understand.

Lot was a godly man, yet he was living in Sodom and Gomorrah where homosexuality was the order of the day. Peter described the influence of what he saw and heard daily on his heart. 2Peter 2:7-8: and delivered righteous Lot who was oppressed with the filthy conduct of the wicked. FOR THAT RIGHTEOUS MAN DWELLING AMONG THEM TORMENTED HIS RIGHTEOUS SOUL FROM DAY TO DAY BY SEEING AND HEARING THEIR LAWLESS DEEDS”

“Even though Lot was not a part of sodomy, his soul was constantly tortured by what he saw. Your eyes and your ears are gateways to your heart. It’s the reason God says to Give attention to the word. ‘My son, give attention to my words’ INCLINE YOUR EAR TO MY sayings DO NOT LET THEM DEPART FROM YOUR EYES Keep them in the midst of YOUR HEART…. KEEP YOUR HEART WITH ALL DILIGENCE for out of it spring the issues of life”, she said (Proverbs 4:20-23) Whatever has your eyes and your ears already captured your heart. You cannot keep your heart if you are not selective with what you see and hear often. Makesure you are filled with the Word and not the junks in the world. Being a friend of God will automatically make you an enemy of the world. I am not saying you should hate people,  but your love for God will make lawlessness less appealing to you. You struggle to be consistent in your walk with God? But you find it easier to watch BBNaija.”

“The question is 1. Does it edify your spirit? 2. Does God speak to you through that medium? 3. Does it promote righteous living? 4. Does it lead you to Jesus? I guessed right! NO! Spiritual things are cultivated with much discipline. Meditation of God’s word requires discipline Most times you won’t feel like praying but you need to put feelings aside and pray. Studying God’s Word requires discipline, there is no impartation that will bring discipline. Make Christ your focus and all distractions in the natural realm will become less appealing”

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    Guarding ones heart, is simply guarding what he or she sees and hears. Thank you.


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