The Lord's Delight: Gospel Today Devotional - 18th September, 2023

The Lord's Delight: Gospel Today Devotional - 18th September, 2023

Some days back, we talked about the fact that God delights in those who are upright, isn't it? And from that lesson, it became necessary for us to learn that we are to live uprightqly before God. Praise God. The month of September is gradually coming to an end and this means that we have just few more lessons left to see from the book of Proverbs. I would love to say that even as we continue with this series, our hearts should be more opened to learn and to be blessed of the Lord because the Lord is not done with us yet. Praise God. Today's lesson promises to be a blessing as we shall be seeing the second part of the Lord's delight.

What are you allergic to? There are quite a number of things, right? This means that if you indeed like something, you may most likely not like something else. Take for instance, it's possible you like soft drinks in general but dislike coke, right? This may be because coke is not as sweet as Fanta (to you). Whatever may be the reason for such dislike, I do not know but the idea is that you can take delight in a thing and also not take delight in another. While you may like Egusi, you may most likely not like Okra with justifiable reasons.

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If this is possible with us, don't you think God as well delights in certain things but others are abomination to him. We have seen from a recent study that the delight of the Lord is those who are upright, right? But the froward heart is abomination to him (Proverbs 11:20). This means one thing, that the heart that is froward, the Lord does not delight in. Since we have begun to look into this, shall we see from scripture what other thing the Lord delights in? Let's see the passage below,

"Lying lips are abomination to the Lord : but they that deal truly are his delight" (Proverbs 12:22).

Some people do not think twice before they say a thing that is not the truth, isn't it? Some would even go as far as telling you that lies are used for a good course. How do I mean? Let's say they are to face punishment for something they did, when asked whether or not they did, they would rather prefer to say no than yes. This is due to the fact that they feel that lying will deliver them from the punishment. Other may even say that it's a little lie and it can be jettisoned. Many give reasons why they lie or have to lie. How does God see this? Are lies pleasing to God? Does he delight in those who tell lies? The answer is no.

Look at what the scripture says, shall we? It says lying lips are abomination to the Lord. It does not please the Lord in any way. It does not matter the kind of lie you tell. It doesn't matter whether you told a lie for good as some would claim. The thing is the Lord does not delight in a lying lip. He abhors it. It is abomination to him. Do you profess to be a Christian? Do you tell lies? Do you also justify the lies you tell? Those with lying lips aren't the Lord's delight. Who then does the Lord delight in?

It says they that deal truly. They who lie not with their lips. Those who do not deceive. Those who speak the truth and the truth alone. They who are honest and transparent in their dealings with people. These people are the Lord's delight. They do not displease the Lord and the Lord does not abhor such persons. He delights in their prayers, their sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving, why? Simply because they deal truly and there's no lie on their lips. Are you the Lord's delight? May his word dwell richly in our hearts. Amen.

Thought for the day: Do you profess to be a Christian? If yes, do you tell lies or deal truly? Only those who deal truly are the Lord's delight.


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