Believing and Confessing: Gospel Today Devotional - 1st November, 2023

You see, no request becomes known just by having it in your mind. Is there? I don't think so. There's the need for one to communicate clearly the thought and intent on his heart. This will to a long extent communicate the message in your heart to people in ways they can understand. This tells to you and I that there's a very close relationship between believing, and then proclaiming that which is believed.

Believing and Confessing: Gospel Today Devotional - 1st November, 2023

Imagine someone who was very hungry, and had no money to buy food but believed there was a person who could get him food, have you done that? You'll agree  that this same person will remain hungry, and will possibly not get food because he refuses to ask the person for it. In essence, to have a request in your heart most times is never enough, you must be able to communicate that request in ways that can be understood.

All these are just premises on which we would be building today's message on. The scripture affirms this as well, and that we would see in the verse of scripture below,

For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. (Romans 10:10).

Remember we stated earlier on that it is never enough saying you believe something in your heart, right? And we stressed the fact that if truly you believed, then you should proclaim or confess such belief. That's exactly the same thing the scripture is saying in the text above.

The scripture here tells to us that the heart is to believe unto righteousness but the mouth is to confess unto salvation; very important. It means that believing alone does not result in salvation, your belief must be backed up with confession.

Let's by the help of God see how this applies to believers, and perhaps unbelievers as well. First to those who are yet to know the Lord, and to experience his light, the scripture says two things are involved, believing  unto righteousness in your heart (that Jesus is Lord, and Saviour), and then confessing with your mouth that truly he is. Little wonder the scripture says any who calls on his name will be saved (confession).

Then to believers, it would be helpful to note, that as we trust the Lord just like it was recorded of Abraham that he believed God, and was counted to him for righteousness, we must through our words as well affirm our trust for him in our hearts that he is able to help us; this also is salvation. May these words sink deeply into your heart, and mine. Amen.

Thought for the day: As you believe in your heart, so confess with your mouth.

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