Draw Near to God: Gospel Today Devotional - 28th October, 2022

Many are far from God. Many more are unwilling to ever get close to him because for some reasons, they feel if they do, they won't get a chance to do that which they truly desire to do, and which of course in many ways is contrary to that which the Lord wants them to do. In the scripture, it was recorded that the reason men refuse to come to the light is because they do not want their works to be exposed, and have loved darkness rather than light.

Draw Near to God: Gospel Today Devotional - 28th October, 2022

A child is expected to be close to his father, don't you think? Yes, of course. He shouldn't find it difficult to relate with him no matter what. In fact, he should be delighted specifically with the fact that he is close to his father such that he gets to know the mind of his father per time. The only time however the child may feel it is bad to be near his father is when he does something wrong, and wouldn't want that which he did to be discovered.

Many people fail to see the very great things that lie in  God, and that coming to him, staying with him, and relating with him is way much better than distancing themselves from him. Today by the grace of God, we shall be considering that which is important to all, believers, and unbelievers alike, and I trust that the Lord through his word would minister to our very hearts. Amen. The passage under consideration is seen below,

"But it is good for me to draw near to God" (Psalm 73:28a).

The fact that many do not want to come to him, and would not want to learn of him lies chiefly in the fact that they are devoid of the understanding that scripture gives about God, and the benefits that exist therein when men come to him. As a result, unbelievers feel it is safe for them to stay far away from him as they would have more time do that which is pleasing to themselves but not pleasing to God. And some times, even believers still stay away from him for some reasons.

But why should I come to him? Wouldn't my faults be exposed when I come? He sees all, and knows all, can I ever hide anything from him? Can I still be able to live the way I have always lived? Will he not take total charge over my life? The question is, do you love the life you live? Do you enjoy the things you do? Don't you seek for help deep down in your heart? What has staying away from him profited you? Just meditate on these things. 

The Psalmist however states in the passage of scripture above that it is a good thing to draw near to God, and that makes me wonder why a person would still want to stay away from him. Why would you want to stay away from your dad if in him you can get all you want? The same way it is with God. It is ever good to draw near to him, for those yet to come to him; because in him lies your freedom, your rest, your satisfaction, your joy. And for those who are already in him, you're to draw near to him because in him you have your comfort, peace, rest, victory, and strength. To all reading this today, may the Lord impress this greatly in your hearts, that it is a good thing to draw near to him. The Lord comforts your heart today. Amen.

Thought for the day: In the Lord lies all you need, do not stay away from him but draw near to him.

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