5 Reasons Why You Should take on Godly Habits and Entertainment

In Gerald B Stanton's book, titled "Christian Foundations", i found a part which was talking about habits and entertainments that are Godly and that should be emulated by Christians.Which i thought will be a good idea if i should share it

5 Reasons Why You Should take on Godly Habits and Entertainment

UnGodly habit

Godly habits
There are certain familiar habits and entertainments which fill the horizon of the unregenerate.While normal for the unsaved, they never cease to lead astray the children of God. According to Gerald, "it is not our right to list what types of habits or entertainments are bad but we could give you ways to discover those bad ones."

How can you discover which Habits and Entertainments are not Godly

The devil always loves to masquerade as an agent of light. To assess and find out which habits and entertainment are not godly, you can use these recommended questions below.

  • Ask yourself if it is expressly forbidden in the word of God. Does it violate any plain teaching of scripture (John 12:48)?
  • As yourself if it is impliedly forbidden in the word of God. Remember that the devil loves to masquerade as an angel of light.
  • Do other true believers I know participate in this things? Do no lightly depart from the accepted standards of the Christian community. If Christ were alive today, would he be found doing it? he is our primary example (1 peter 2:21, John 17:16)
  • According to 1 Corinthians 3:16, does this activity, entertainment or habit recognise that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit? () Does this activity injure, pollute or defile his temple?
  • Can i do this thing in the name of Christ, asking him to bless it (Colossians 3:17, 2 Timothy 2:4)?
  • Recognizing that i have within me two opposing natures, which one does this pracice feed?, the OLD or the NEW?  ( colossians 3:5-10)?
  • Would i like to be so engaged Christ returns (Titus 2:12-14, 1 john 3:3)?
  • Can this habit cause me to become a stumbling block to some weaker brothers in Christ? (1st Corinthians 8:9-13)
  • How would it affect my testimony before the unsaved (Philippians 2:15)? would i be willing for my friends to know all about it?
  • Would it involve a waste of God's MONEY (luke 19:12-13), TIME (ephesians 5:16) or TALENTS (luke 12:48) invested in me?
  • Is it one of the World's typical amusements (1john 2:15-17)? Does it Cause me to be with God's people or the Devil's Crowd (james 4:4)?.

You can use this questions to know if an habit or entertainment you want to go into or like doing is godly or not. As a believer, you should also take your time to answer this questions to know what exactly you are doing right or wrong.

That said, why exactly should you take on godly habits and entertainment as against worldly or secular ones? What are the reasons why you should take on godly habits and entertainment as a believer

1. You represent God

2. You have Influence. Leadership is influence and Influence is Spiritual. Everyone no matter how insignificant you think you are has influence. A research shows that the average human has direct influence over the decisions of about fifteen (15) people


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