5 Facts You Should Know about God's Favour

Luke 1:28, Psalm 5:12, Genesis 37:7, Psalm 44:3, John 11:39, Isaiah 55:11, Psalm 75:6

And Jesus grew in stature and favour with God and men...

Your challenge becomes history with favour. Faith honours God and God honours faith. In return, there will be abundance of favour and grace.

There is a difference between promotion and lifting. Joseph was not promoted, he was lifted.


In the words of Bishop Francis Wale Oke, "glory has weight and you must be cooked for capacity to carry it." When you have favour, your connection has nothing to do with it

Favour commands dominion Psalm 30:7

How can you Activate God's Favour?

  • Be Humble: God's gift comes with so much humility and so does His favour.
  • Follow God's progression: By God's progression, it simply means that you have to start from Jerusalem, to Judea and then to the ends of the earth. God is a God of process and everything He does has order. If you duly follow His process and plan for you, you automatically activate His favour upon your life and ministry.
  • Know God's plan for you (1st Corinth 2:9)

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