5 Most Interesting Attributes of God

God is able. Able and capable. The Alpha and the Omega. But wait. Take a minute to think about it.  What is God's greatest ability? What do think it is? His creativity?  His uncanny ability to create something out nothing?

  In his creation of light, He made a mockery of the complexity of such a huge task, by reducing the entire  process to a single command. And God said, "Let there be light". And that was it. And there was light! What?! The Lord didn't stop there, in fact He continued in this amazing manner for five straight days.  Created light, darkness, the sun, moon and stars, separated land from seas, fixed the Firmaments. He made the plants, birds, fishes and a lot of other wonders. On the sixth day He made His masterpiece. Man. 

    Has God ever seen a fish before that day? I doubt. Where had He ever seen a goat or an Eagle or an Alligator? Where? Nowhere my people.  It all came from His mind. His powerful mind. So, can we now say that Jehovah's creativity is His biggest attribute?  His unparalleled ability to make something out of nothing. That has to be his biggest strength right? It has to be. Creating all these cool features of the universe just by spoken words. Taking into consideration all those minute details and making all proper arrangements to ensure that the Earth is neither too hot nor cold. Just the exact temperature. The Earth being 150 million miles from the sun. If it were closer than that, the Earth would burn. Further than that distance the green Earth would freeze. Creativity. Incomparable Ingenuity.  This has to be the zenith of God's powers right? Right? Nah. No sir. I know you can't believe it but it's not. Come let's explore further. 

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