How to Build a Relationship With God through Vulnerability

Every day we go through life and our daily activities moving up and down interacting with friends and family going to work and school. We are like magnets and we attract different emotions from different people and different events that happened during the day then we get home tired to continue the rest of the day. Most of us make the mistake of assuming that God sees everything and He already knows what we went through during that day. Yes! God is all-knowing, He is perfect in knowledge.
Daniel 2:22
“It is He who reveals the profound and hidden things;
He knows what is in the darkness,
And the light dwells with Him."
The fact that God knows us and loves us would not make us stop learning from Him or communicating with Him. In communicating with God, we need to do it in all sincerity and vulnerability.
Here's an example: I go out and after my day or during the day I find a quiet place to sit knowing that God was aware of everything that happened before then I read everything to God like I'm telling a story to someone besides me after which I keep quiet and listen to what he has to say about my story.
It is the joy of God to see us make effort to build a better relationship with Him rather than sit in our sins. Narrating your day to God's vulnerably is great because not only are you spending time with Him, you are also letting him know that he has a big place in your heart and what He says matters to you. Make this a daily habit and in this way, you will be waxing stronger by the day.
Today and every other day that comes after I need you not to stress over how your day went alone, call God to create a space for him to sit right beside you and tell him everything that happened. Don't keep away from Him anything and know in your innermost being that He Loves you.
My dear, take time to tell God everything even though you know that he knows and let him instruct you. Let him take you deeper in love with him.

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