A Father's Love and Understanding

Is your earthly father ever understanding?
For me, my father is a very good and loving man but even at that, I have had times when I said to myself "if only daddy listened to me he would have understood my side of the story".

In today's post, we will be talking about A Father's Love and Understanding. We are not referring to our earthly father but our heavenly father. The only reason why a father will understand his child is because of the love he has for the child. This is not to say that every time your earthly father fails to understand you, he does not love you. No, it only confirms his human nature. He was made to be respected and to show love, unlike your heavenly father who himself is love. God Is Love (See 1 John 4: 19) you then cannot compare the level at which they will understand you. Your heavenly Father sees your struggles and understands your imperfections he is aware of the different phases and seasons in your life so He will not criticize you for the mistakes you made.
I have seen a lot of Christians beat up themselves because they felt like they have greatly sinned against God.

PS: I used to do this too. Anytime I commit a sin I beat myself up, stay angry at myself and all of these things drain me so much that I then find it so hard to go back to God for help. I did not get out of this phase of my life until I started to learn more about the love God has for me by listening to people share their stories and by reading the scripture with an open heart and hand. That was when I began to understand that God knows the different phases and seasons of life and He is willing to give me answers to every question that comes with each season (See Jeremiah 33:3) All I need to do is to reach out to him and ask him for help. Through my walk with God, I have realized that I am loved by God and that God does not give up on me nor condemn me when I fall by the wayside because of his understanding and love for me.
You can also come to this realization no matter the season you are in life. You can daily learn about the love of God for you by listening to reading the Bible, visiting faith blogs and channels, and listening to other people share about the love of God.
Have you ever felt that God will not understand you due to the things you have done in the past? Reach out to him here and now and let him show you his love.

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