Biography of Pastor Peter Ayo Alabi

Biography of Pastor Peter Ayo Alabi

From Lagos, Nigeria and born on December 22nd, Pastor Peter Ayo Alabi is the President and Founder of the Peter Alabi Ministries. He is also the Senior pastor of the Heritage of Faith Church, which was formerly known as  Rhemaword International Christian Center (RICC).


Pastor Peter Ayo Alabi attended the Lagos State Model College, Meiran. He is a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun state with a Masters in Managerial Psychology. He started his ministry in Ile-Ife where he led a student fellowship in the school for years even after graduation. He later moved to Lagos State, where the RICC is now headquartered.

Biography of Pastor Peter Ayo Alabi  and Pastor Funlola Alabi

The ministry, which he runs alongside his wife, Pastor Funlola Alabi, also extends to other university campuses through the youth arm of Rhemaword which is called Christ Tribe. The ministry also has a mandate to build Churches of 200/250 spread across the Cities of the World for  effective discipleship and Worldwide Evangelisation. These church buildings are known as the Faith Factory.

As it's necessary for every believer to have some spiritual mentorship, Pastor Peter Alabi has at various times revered Pastor Olusola Areogun as his spiritual father. One spectacular event where he did this on his Facebook page was during the anniversary of Pastor Olusola Areogun where Pastor Peter Alabi described his encounter with his spiritual father. According to the post on his Facebook wall, it was at Alacarte canteen in new buka (OAU) that he first came across Reverend Olusola Areogun's ministry on TV. As at 2022, that was twenty-one years ago! I followed from a distance, and the distance kept getting shorter as I drew closer by GOD's leading and favor over the years!

Pastor Peter Alabi blessed God for giving Me and mine a place in Your large Heart, and for joining Us to You finally three years ago! He described his meeting Reverend Olusola Ayodele Areogun as the best thing that happened to his life, marriage and ministry

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