God is Light: Gospel Today Devotional - 4th December, 2022


In our series, we have seen how that God is not a man, and that which makes him different from a man, we have also come to know that God is Spirit, and desires that he be worshipped in truth, and in Spirit. Also, we have been able to see how that the very nature of God is love, and how we must walk in love if indeed we claim to know him, isn't it? This is just to bring to remembrance the things that we have considered even as we proceed in this series. Praise God.

God is Light: Gospel Today Devotional - 4th December, 2022

I trust that through it all, you have been blessed by this series, and now you know who God is, and what some of his essential attributes are. Moving forward, we shall be considering many other things about this Supreme Eternal Being called Yahweh, and why it is that he is above everyone else, and would not behave in certain ways as others do. Glory to Jesus. In today's study, we shall get to see another one of God's nature. I trust the Lord to bless us through his word.

When light is introduced into a place that is dark, two noticeable changes occur, and the first is that you notice that light is introduced, isn't it? This is because the place becomes brightened all of a sudden. The second is that darkness is dispelled. The presence of light gives no room for darkness. This means that darkness can only reign, and continue to reign when there's no light but at the introduction of light, darkness is dispelled. Hallelujah! This is our focus for today. Shall we consider the passage of scripture below?

"This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all". (1 John 1:5).

Do you know that God is light? It is not that God has light abiding in him. It means God is light personified. He is light himself. The whole of God is light. Another thing one has to bear in mind is this, it is not that God tries to show forth light, he is light himself. His nature is light. He doesn't fake, and he can't fake it. That is who he is, and that is what defines him. Glory to God! John the beloved in his first epistle made this clear, and it is not debatable. It is a known fact, God is light.

It is one thing to say one is light, and then discover that there's still an iota of darkness in him. It is true light dispels darkness but if the light in a room is focused on just a place, other places in the room will be dark, isn't it? But this is different with God. Hold on a moment, it is not just enough to know that God is light. You must come to the understanding that in God is no darkness at all. It is not that there's one percent darkness, it means to say that God is 100% light. No darkness, not even little. Isn't this interesting to know, that God is light. Everything about God is light. No darkness.

Having this knowledge, it is expedient that as children of his, we must exhibit this nature.  Little wonder the scripture says to let our our light so shine before men that they may see our good works, and glorify God, why? Because God is light, and if we are his indeed, we must show that nature of God at work in our lives. We are to walk in the light because God is light. If we claim to be sons of God, and walk in darkness whereas the scripture says in God is no darkness at all, can we say we know him? The answer is no. Anyone born of God should show forth the light nature of God, and just as there's no darkness at all in God, not even little, there should be no darkness in our lives as well. The Lord help us all in Jesus' name.

Thought for the day: If you claim to know God, then should know that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all, and knowing this, you should show forth this essential attribute of God as a child of his.

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