Knowing God as Healer: Gospel Today Devotional Excerpt - 23rd December, 2023


It is what you know that gives you access to things. It is the truth you know that liberates or better put makes you free when the need arise. If you are to buy a phone for example, and stay in a place that people consider inaccessible or local, the thought of many would be probably that you cannot get a phone there, isn't it? So to get a phone, you would have to leave your house maybe kilometers apart to the place where you think the phone can be bought, isn't it? Meanwhile you could have saved yourself the stress if you had known that someone sells phone in your area too, in fact, very close to your house.

Knowing God as Healer: Gospel Today Devotional Excerpt - 23rd December, 2023

The thing is, it was either you refused to ask or just assumed the place was too local for anything good to be sold therein. Glory to God. Since you did not know, there was no way you could have gone there. You see what a lack of knowledge can do. It can deprive you of benefits that are very much within your reach. It can make you go a long distance to search for that which you could have easily attained if you had known. It can make you complicate issues for yourself whereas you could have just had ease in addressing the situation. And one thing is this, that what you don't know, you don't know. This is the reason having the knowledge of a thing is important.

For some days now, we have been going through the series knowing God because it's necessary we have this knowledge of him such that it becomes our experience. It is the knowledge we have of God that determines our experience of him, and to experience God more intimately, and to live like him on earth, we just must seek to know him. The passages under consideration are seen below,

" For I am the Lord that healeth thee" (Exodus 15:26b). "For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord" (Jeremiah 30:17a).

We have said many things about this Supreme Eternal being; who he is, and what defines him, and also what he can do, and not do, right? However, in today's study, we want to see God as healer. We want to consider God's ability to heal, God's ability to restore health. There are many instances in scripture where the healing power of God was seen, most especially in Jesus' ministry on earth. We can tell from scripture how Naaman was healed of leprosy by God's servant, Elisha. How about king Hezekiah who heard he was going to die from the Prophet Isaiah? The woman with the issue of blood, etc. Until we know God as healer, we would not be able to relate with him as such. Praise God.

Look at what the scripture says above, it says that God is the God that heals you. This statement was made to the children of Israel after they had left Egypt, it is however very much applicable to all believers in Christ today. God heals. He is the one that heals, no one else. It says in the next passage, that he would restore health unto you, and heal you of your wounds. This proves again that God heals, and has given his word to heal. There is nothing too hard for him, and this we have seen in previous lessons. He gives health to those who are sick. Knowing God as healer will help you key into his promises for you, he says to heal you and bring health to you. Do you believe God is the one that heals and would heal you?

This is not just restricted to healing sicknesses, God mends (heals) broken hearts, he heals the soul as well as the body. Are you bodily sick? God heals. Are you heart broken? Is your soul weary? Are you mentally or emotionally sick? God heals. How do you access this? Through the knowledge you now have that he is your healer, and that he has promised to restore health to you and heal you of your wounds. Do talk to him about that sickness, that heart ache, that pain, God is your healer. No one else. He is ever ready to heal you. May you ever live in the consciousness of this truth. Amen.

Thought for the Day

God is your healer, not man, not any other. Let your trust be in him alone.

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