December 23: Today in Christian History

December 23: Today in Christian History

December 23, 814

Magnentius Hrabanus Maurus, who will become one of the most brilliant scholars of his era, is ordained a priest.

December 23, 1193

Death of Thorlac Thorhallssohn, founder of Iceland’s first monastery.

December 23, 1528

Two hundred citizens of Basel assemble and present a petition, drawn up by the reformer Oecolampadius, for the suppression of the mass.

December 23, 1531

Heinrich Bullinger accepts the pulpit of Zurich, vacated by the death of Zwingli in battle.

December 23, 1652

Death of John Cotton, an eminent minister in colonial Massachusetts and “father of New England Congregationalism.”

December 23, 1736

In an Auto da fé (Act of faith) Inquisitor Cristóval Sánchez Calderón of Lima, Peru, burns Dona Ana de Castro alive, on the accusation of practicing a Jewish mourning ritual and other Jewish rituals that she did not consider in conflict with Christianity. The Inquisition also burns in effigy a Jesuit who had been suspected of practicing Quietism (a form of Christian mysticism tending toward passivity and annihilation of one's own will) and another Jesuit who may have been insane. They are burned in effigy because they had already died.

December 23, 1873

Women of Hillsboro, Ohio, march to the places that serve liquor in town and by appeals and prayer shut most of them down. Within fifty days, saloons in two hundred and fifty Ohio cities will also be shut down.

December 23, 1873

Death of Sarah Grimké at West Newton, Massachusetts. She had been a sturdy opponent of slavery.

December 23, 1897

Peru passes a law empowering Alcades (mayors) of provincial councils to solemnize marriages, thus enabling non-Catholics to wed.

December 23, 1925

Edith Warner’s remains are laid to rest. She had been a missionary for thirty-three years in Niger and explored areas never before seen by a white person.

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