The Effect of Justification by Faith: Gospel Today Devotional - 10th January, 2024

When man fell, sin came into existence. The very nature that contradicts the nature of God. This also presented man in a way before God; the man who was once faultless, and enjoyed sweet fellowship with God without any form of restriction now became the man who ran away from God on hearing his voice, and every man that came after this was born, and shaped in iniquity as the Psalmist says. It is expedient therefore to say that through one man came sin.

The Effect of Justification by Faith: Gospel Today Devotional - 10th January, 2024

Although man disobeyed God's instruction, and became dead in spirit, alienated from God. The all merciful, loving God who still yearned for a relationship with his own had to come up with another plan; the plan to redeem man from his fallen state. But then, since sin came through a man, it was expedient that a man also became the source through which pardon, and cleansing could be made available. A man was needed for the redemption of man so as not to remain in his fallen state.

The scripture says that God as a means of making redemption possible for man who disobeyed his instruction when he could find no other person had to sacrifice his only begotten Son such that through him, man being redeemed from his fallen state became reconciled back to him. Today, as the Lord would help us, we shall be looking at the effect of justification by faith having understood that which led to the redemption of man, and I trust the Lord to minister greatly to our hearts. The verse of scripture below is our anchor text for today's study.

"Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ".(Romans 5:1).

Although this plan was made, man didn't just become justified for his actions. Of course, God could have been justified if he had decided to live man in his fallen state because the action of man was not justifiable. Man was guilty of that which he did, and he needed to be justified before he could be redeemed. And there was no way man on his own could be justified except one purer than him(Jesus Christ) pleaded his cause before the Chief Judge, God himself.

Jesus had to through his sacrifice plead for the innocency of man who was already declared guilty. This is that which justification is about. Being declared free, and for man, as a result of this, it was as though he was never guilty. But this I want you to know first, that man couldn't plead innocent until he placed his faith in Christ, in the ability that the one who was to defend him had what it took to plead on his behalf for pardon. This means that justification is by faith in Christ. Man therefore was redeemed because he was justified, and was justified because he believed in Christ. No man therefore can be justified before God except through Christ, that is, faith in his saving grace, and power. Praise God!

What came as a result of man's justification through faith in Christ? The answer is peace. That which man lost with God when he fell, and was alienated from him. The peace of knowing he was no longer guilty, and that he was now free, and as a result reinstated to his former state where he now enjoyed fellowship, rest, and an unending relationship with his Maker. Why is this coming to you? To let you know that you have been declared innocent(justified) by Christ, and that you now have your peace with God through Christ. You're no longer who you used to be. You are justified. You are redeemed. Live ever in this victory, and do not let the devil say otherwise to you. The Lord comfort your hearts with this today. Amen.

Thought for the Day 

You have been declared not guilty before God. Your peace with him has been restored. You have been justified.

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