Why We Believe and Why they do not: Gospel Today Devotional - 30th January, 2024

There are things when you say that no matter how much you try to explain them people still won't believe you. Why is that? This is because the people in question find it difficult to believe not necessarily because you are lying but because to them, the thing sounds unbelievable. They are always like, how can that be? That is not possible. Even if anything would happen, not what you are telling me. Do you remember that man who was by the king when the prophet Elisha delivered the message? Do you remember the man said that what the prophet had said concerning the prices of goods was not possible? He didn't believe because the thing sounded foolish to him.

Why We Believe and Why they do not: Gospel Today Devotional - 30th January, 2024

How about our Lord Jesus Christ who talked to the people and told them many things about God and his kingdom? Was he accepted? Did the people believe? No, and for most part, they even decided to kill him so he could stop telling them such things, why? Because the things Jesus talked about were foolishness in their ears. It didn't just make sense. They could not put things together. It was not fitting into their logic, they could not rationalise it. So they preferred to view it as untrue because they didn't believe.

It's as though you told someone you were going to get him a car in two months time, and because he looked round, observed, and was unable to see how possible it was for you to buy him a car decided not to believe because the whole statement of buying him a car was like foolishness to him. Praise God. The passage of consideration in today's study is seen below,

"For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God". (1 Corinthians 1:18).

The reason as believers we believe the word of God is because we are living testimonies of his saving power. The reason we minister the message of the cross to people is not out of compulsion, but as it were, a means to tell people of its saving grace. You cannot give what you do not have. You who have not been saved cannot say this is the way to be. Praise God. The reason why we believe, and will continue to believe is because we have come to experience the saving power of the cross. Hallelujah. There are times we do not have to blame those who argue with us, why? Because they have not tasted to see of a truth that the Lord is good.

They are yet to experience for themselves what we have seen, and handled, and have been saved by. It's just as though you are telling someone who has never tasted sugar cane that sugar cane is sweet. You will become as a liar to him, why? Because he is yet to come into the experience of that thing. He is yet to even eat sugar cane for himself. He doesn't know, and unless he gets to taste it himself, he may end up believing that it is not sweet even if it truly is. This is the reason many despise the gospel message. It is however a prayer that many reading this today will see through, and know that the message of the cross has the power to save, and make one whole.

Some people would say they can't imagine one dying for all? What power does he have? Others will even say they didn't tell him, that is, Christ to die for them. It is not reasonable to them. To them it is foolishness because the devil has blinded their eyes so that hearing, they will not hear; seeing, they will not see;l and believing, they will not believe thereby making the message of the cross of no effect in their lives. To us which are saved, the cross is the power of God, and we should as living witnesses reach out to people yet to experience this saving power for God is willing to save his people. May the Lord help us all in Jesus' name. Amen.

Thought for the Day

The message of the cross will profit no one who does not believe, but if you believe, you will get to see that it is powerful to save.

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