What Should Be Your Confession?: Gospel Today Devotional - 9th February, 2024

You know for some people, food is not something they joke with. This implies that while they can cope with every other thing, hunger is an issue to them. This is the reason whenever they are hungry, they wear faces that show to people that they are truly hungry. When you see such persons, it may be very possible to know what's wrong with them not because it was written on their foreheads but because of the way they act. Except the person lies that he is not, you would actually know that he is hungry.

What Should Be Your Confession?: Gospel Today Devotional - 9th February, 2024

The scripture talks about Elisha, how that in power, he was the double version of Elijah because of his request for the double portion at the departure of Elijah. As a result of this, he did many notable signs, and wonders, part of which will be that which the Lord would be using to bless our lives today. You see, it takes deep enough faith to stand for God in the face of quite seemingly devastating situations. It takes deep enough faith not to be perplexed, or not to be wearied by the situation. Such was the case of the Shunamite woman.

She had always seen the prophet, Elisha pass, and by some knowing said he was a prophet, and requested of her husband that they got a place for him with some basic things where he could just lodge whenever the need arose. This moved the prophet in no small way, and said to her that she was going to have a child which of course came to pass as the prophet had said. Today by the grace of God, we shall be considering this particular story, and learning from the Shunamite woman how that we need to act as believers even in the face of challenges. I trust the Lord to help us. The passage to be considered is seen below,

"Run now, I pray thee, to meet her, and say unto her, Is it well with thee? is it well with thy husband? is it well with the child? And she answered, It is well". (2 Kings 4:26).

The woman indeed had her child as the prophet had told her. One very important thing to note here is this, that the word of God never fails. And it will always come to pass at the time appointed, even as the mouth of the Lord has spoken it, either by his servant, or through his word. His words will not return void. Praise God. Although the woman conceived, and gave birth as Elisha had said, not long after, according to the scripture, when the child had grown to a certain age, he died. Anyone could have been amazed, isn't it? Will God give and take? Even when he knows how it was the child came. In fact, wasn't he the one who gave the child? This was the reason when the woman saw Elisha, she asked if she pleaded for a child, and why was she deceived by the prophet.

It was just like the case of Abraham, after waiting a very long time for the child, God requested for that same child and Abraham was ready. But then, the question in the hearts of many is still why would he do that? While for Abraham, it was a test of his love for God, and faith in him. What was this woman's own for? Why did he allow it? So you and I can learn how to be assured in his power even when the situation looks irredeemable for with him, nothing is impossible. Hallelujah.

Look at our anchor text, it says this woman on approaching the prophet was asked if it was well with her. Perhaps the prophet was surprised to see her, and she said yes. She was asked if her husband was well, she said yes. This is what I want you to see, she was asked if her child was well, the dead child for which reason she came, she said yes. Really? How? Because it was truly well. She saw the child coming back to life, and so she refused to say otherwise. And indeed it became well because the child came back to life again. Praise God. As a word of encouragement today, as dear children of God, even in the midst of seemingly impossible and devastating situations, let's learn to say, and teach our hearts to say, and that by the help of the Lord that it is well. This should be your confession. The Lord help us in Christ's name. Amen.

Thought for the Day

It doesn't matter what situation it is, even in the midst of seemingly impossible, and devastating situations, just teach your soul to say, it is well.

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