Burning Altar by Modupe Mercy Oluwatuyi

Burning Altar by Modupe Mercy Oluwatuyi

I set out to build you an altar, Lord;
Built on holiness and perseverance,
Made of a faithful heart and worthy of your mightiness,
Upon it perfumed offerings burn,
Upon the altar I worship your greatness.

Before the altar I bow and stand with empty hands;
So, with a ready heart I swore:
To seek their silver altar no more
And I gave my spirit to adore,
Thee, Magnificent and Omnipotent king;

My friend, my soldier and my king
My friend, because you have chosen me,
Incline thee to my changeful will,
And make the good influence
My soldier, for by day and night,
Thou art the ultimate guide.

I watch and pray so that I will not despise you,
My soul yarns for your humble presence,
My humble pain that wounds and withered,
Though, temptation may arise;
But I obtain success and good tidings out from tears;
By diminishing my desire for earthly things.

My kind, though a frugal and mighty one who has not forsaking thy subject.

Faith cannot doubt nor hope despair
Am I wrong to worship, when my own soul does not answer prayers?.

O God of burning altar fire;
O God of Love's consuming flame:
The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.
Make pure the flame of my desire
To win the lost to seek thy name!

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  1. Wonderful work,keep it up.

  2. Good job my lovely sister
    I wish you best of luck in your life
    I love you so much.

  3. Great job my dear all the best I love u

  4. This is awesome. Kudos to the writer

  5. More wisdom, dearest. You shall be favored.

  6. Awesome! keep it up dear��

  7. You shall be favoured, my dear.

  8. A really really beautiful work!


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