Burning Altar by Ogunsanya Emmanuel Oluwatobi

Burning Altar by Ogunsanya Emmanuel Oluwatobi

What is in an Altar; Burning Altar
The Wood, Sacrifice, Fire and the stone
The Sacrifice is Key,
Paving way for the Fire
And a Constant reminder of our Love to Him (God)
Only a Living Sacrifice,
Can make the fire on the Altar not to go down
He (God) will not send His fire on just any sacrifice
Only a Living Sacrifice will do
So whatever sacrifice you are,
Remember only a Living Sacrifice will do
Don't forget the fire comes for the sacrifice
And not just the Wood
He (God) is interested in the Aroma
That's His delight
And not the smoke that the wood will produce
The Wood is a Vessel (Man)
The Sacrifice is the Heart,
The Living Sacrifice is
A broken and a contrite heart
Remember, the strength of an Altar
Is that, it's feed on daily sacrifice
When He find your life on the Altar
He overlook the iniquity of the land.
Impartation is limited, when it comes to Burning Altar
By Brokenness, you become a sacrifice of revival
This is my charge to you
Go, be a Living Sacrifice
You are the Sacrifice, He is the Consuming Fire.
Keep the Altar Burning Again.

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  1. Kupoluyi Oyinlola Gloria14 March 2022 at 17:15


  2. Powerful, the alter really needs to keep burning.
    More Knowledge Sir

  3. Akinyemi oluwabusayo14 March 2022 at 22:24

    Wow this is a great one
    More knowledge

  4. Ogunbiyi Esther14 March 2022 at 22:38

    So inspiring,More auction to function sir..

  5. Help us to be a living sacrifice lord

  6. Kai,so inspiring
    As a living sacrifice,I keep my altar burning
    More grace sir

  7. This is powerful,
    Help us Lord to forever be a burning Altar.

  8. Help us to burn for you.. Great write up.

  9. Sotimirin Dorcas Oluwakemi15 March 2022 at 08:24

    Great wirte up.

    Great inspiration

    God will increase your knowledge, more wisdom, more grace and more anointing

  10. This is awesome, more grace to you my brother

  11. Nice write up,more grace to function in the race of paradise

  12. I'm blessed with this. More grace sir


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