Burning Altars by Danlami Abel Ayenajei

An altar is a platform for Sacrifice. It is made up of stones, wood (for fire), peace offering, and lastly Fire. The Peace offering must be slain upon the altar and the fire must come upon the dead sacrifice for the rite to be complete. The fire is the activator of the process of the Sacrifice. Altars exist based on Sacrifice and Covenants.There are high requirements that the man must make in other to keep the altar burning.

Burning Altars by Danlami Abel Ayenajei
Altars succeed their founders even after they are long dead, they will find their way to the next generation. Altars have utterances and can speak. Do you now see why people face all kinds of problems in life without figuring out where the heat is coming from? I give you a quick diagnosis, it is the 'Burning Altar' from the past .

The First time we heard of the Altar being mentioned in directly in the scripture was from the Sons of Adam in Genesis 4.There was no mention of the word 'Altar' but what God received from Abel was a sweet smelling Savor from an altar.
In Leviticus 6:12, the instruction was to let the fire keep burning, and it should be serviced daily. The essence of Servicing the altar is to keep it alive.

Jacob raised an altar and it affected also his generation.The cost of anything valuable is painful and so is the price of altars.The only way an altar can be put off is through a higher horn.

As believers, we must waste upon the altar of Sacrifice daily. Jesus said any one that must follow me must deny himself, carry his cross and follow.

Deny himself? why?A man that services an altar becomes a slave to that altar, and he/she pays obeisance to that altar .The whole essence of a slave is to waste his life for his master as a badge of faithfulness and loyalty even unto death; that is denial in my own opinion.

A burning altar can be related to a physical human being. Men can translate in to mobile altars, men can host the presence bodily. Certain men were mobile altars; like Jesus, Peter, Simon, and Solomon who by the reason of service carried the atmosphere of the altar. A quick example is if a man has genuinely been praying consistently when he arrived at certain places, the atmosphere of prayer follows him.

When a man has been servicing the altar in righteousness, wherever he goes it is like perfume. Your life speaks in consonance with what is up on your altar .A song minister sang the song' my altar is calling you'. Altar response to Sacrifice.Amazingly, Jesus never raised an altar but became that altar .

As long as you are in this world, you have an altar. It can either be for the lord or of the devil. Altars are physical, spiritual, and symbolic.Most people build an altar without knowing and for some, they were born into it.

Therefore the need for a burning alter must synchronize with the will of the father. That is to say i f you must have a consistent burning altar his kingdom and his will should be established.

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