Burning Altars by Ibosiola Abisola

Burning Altars by Ibosiola Abisola

The fire on the altar should be burning,
It must not be put out but keep blazing,
To enable the prayer life sparkling.

Set woods in your fire every morning,
To give the devil a sign of warning,
And prevent yourself from mourning.
Since a quenched altar becomes his prey,
To deter you from kneeling before God to pray.

A true altar is a place where you’ll see fire,
That makes all evil backfire,
As your voice becomes branded with fire,
The devil then begins to misfire.

An altar is a sacred place,
Where you need to be in charge like a king in the palace.
It’s a place that represents holiness,
Thereby gives no room for ungodliness.

A place where profound secrets are revealed,
To know the next steps to take and be relieved.

A place of divine communication,
Where there can’t be a break in transmission.
Where the heavenly recognizes your voice,
And pay attention as you pray with poise.

A place where critical decisions are made,
To make every doubt fade.
A territory where intimacy is actualized,
And get ignorance ceased.
Where your prayer becomes guarded with fervour,
Like a sacrifice made with a sweet savour.

Once you allow the altar to get cold,
The devil will put you on hold,
And your life ends up like a cheat code.

Let your altar be burning,
And become winning,
To keep the devil wondering.

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  1. This is a great piece...Many lives ends up like a cheat code....Keep it burning

  2. What a wonderful thoughts..This is apt.

  3. What a nice piece full of insight,
    My altar must keep burning

  4. Wonderful piece... I was blessed

  5. Awesome piece.....my altar must keep burning to keep the devil wondering

  6. Nice piece..keep up the good work 🔥🔥

  7. Wow... This is awesome
    Keep moving sis

  8. This is great! Go girl! Keep it up

  9. Wow this is nice

  10. Great work... Inspiring content

  11. Wonderful Piece.

  12. Wow! Great write up. Well done dear.

  13. Very inspiring content. This was obviously birthed from a place of understanding. Great rhymes too. I am blessed by this, keep up the great work!


  14. Powerful write up... More grace in Jesus name


  15. Amazing write up. The rhymes were well placed and so smooth to read. Keep up the good work

  16. Great job sis, excellently written

  17. What a refreshing article. More Grace


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