Burning Altars by Precious Bioku

Burning Altars by Precious Bioku

Just like yesterday
I decided to do my normal routines
But I was restrained
I thought what could have happened
Then I realized that something held me bound.
I was curious about this season

So I heard a still voice from within saying
“Relax , it's time to make me an altar”
I asked, what is an altar?
Then He responded
“I am the altar”
I was amazed at the response
Then I ask him further, how will this be possible?
Then He said unto me ' I love you'
I was like awwwwwwwnn
Then He said 'Because I love you I want you keep burning for me'

I said to Him 'all that you have said I will do
For wherever I go and whatever I do
I will be your Altar
My Lips will be filled with Your word
I will commune with You for the rest of my live.
And my life will be a reflection of Your glory'

After some time I was distracted
I felt unloved, crazy and worn out
I decided to move away from My True Love
I forgot every instructions He gave me

Then He approached me again,
He said, 'I LOVE YOU'

I replied, 'I submit my broken heart to you
And will thou graciously accept me'

He said to me 'You Are Chosen'
Then I answered 'Yes to your will always
I will keep the fire on my altar burning
Worthy is your Holy Name'


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