Burnt Altar by Godfirst Ponjul Ndam

Burnt Altar by Godfirst Ponjul  Ndam

How can my altar burn
When the woods for the burnt offering
Has become wet rotted with sin
My fire is quenched
My life is wrenched  

I'm sucked lurking in immorality
I cuddled anger with a cozy look
My body smells a smoke of lies
Ah! Swam in the pool of sin
Without knowing who will pull me out of the scene 

I remembered, the year my fire was set
And how my altar was set burning
My burnt offering never stopped
Smoking out aromatic flame that men perceived
But what would have gone wrong? 

Now, my spirit man is dying
Oh' God!
My altar is watered with sin
The drama of this whole scene
Has reached the end of myself 

I was wondering what God did
Out there for the Israelites
Is it the same light trailing
Will I see like a replanted seed
Maybe I can be good again! 

Oh' God
Born a new bonfire in me
That my alter become a holy ground
Where every morning the wood of your Word is replenished
For the fire of the burnt-offering to keep my alter burning till eternity      

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