Living Sacrifice by Ibukun Elizabeth

Living Sacrifice by Ibukun Elizabeth

"Tomi, aren't you having classes today again?" Nike said trying to wake  her room mate who was sleeping. It was lecture free week at their institution, a week where students are free from attending lectures and have to buckle their belts while studying. Most students waited till it is this particular week before preparing for the approaching examinations. Nike and Tomi met on the first day of resumption in the their first year and as it is usually said, their spirit clicked and they became best of friends. Though, when describing the term 'opposite attracts',  they were a perfect match. Tomi was an extrovert, beautiful accompanied with an amazing personalty, while Niike on the other hand spoke less and was known for her calm nature.

 "See this babe oo. Stand up now" Nike said hitting her roommate playfully.

"I'm just so tired of this school, lecture free week, my department will always have one class yet to be concluded" Tomi said hissing and she sat up, she was awake but was not interested in any class during a lecture free week. Her department was just one filled with different packs of trouble. While other students had this week to themselves, hers was for attending classes as most of the department lecturers love making  use of  that week to give a rush summary of what was ought to have been taught since the  beginning of the semester. Her department was just so "full of drama" as her room mate usually called it.  

"Madam stand up o, and go for your class. You know you can't compare yourself to us with hardworking lecturers" Nike said laughing.

Tomi smiled and look on, she had a lot on her plate already. Being the second child of her family, she and her sister which she addresses as Aunty Dupe had lost their parents in a car accident, Dupe who was seven years older than she was has been the one sponsoring her education from the little earnings she got from her teaching job. Tomi sometimes pitied her and wondered why their parents had to die just like that. 

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"Are you okay? "Nike asked noticing her friend was lost in thought and this wasn't the first time she would be noticing it. Lately, the extrovert Tomi kept to herself and most importantly she noticed she rarely prayed these days.  

"I'm fine, just wondering where I would get my school fees from. Aunty Dupe couldn't send me the money she promised, you know she had to pay her hospital bills her health is just getting stabled. I don't know what to do, I don't feel like reading nor attending class, what if I don't write the exams? This is 300l, that's automatically means I might be having an extra year what then is the usefulness of attending one annoying lecture-free week class when I won't even be writing the exams. I'm just tired jare" She said as she folded her arms across her chest staring at nothing in particular.

"Hmm... I know, remember we promised to trust God in all things and give thanks instead of complaining right?" Nike replied her roommate drawing nearer to her as she placed her right hand on Tomi's shoulder patting it gently. God knowns she would have loved to helped Tomi but she wasn't from a wealthy home either, she had tried talking to her distant Uncle who stayed in the North west of Nigeria, Jigawa to be precise if he would be able to help and the latter had promised but she was yet to receive anything from him.

 "Tomi, we'll keep praying and trusting God and I'm certain you won't have an extra year because Jesus is in charge. Oya, smile jare, Jesus loves you" she said as she pulled Tomi's left cheek forcing her to smile.

"Thank you so much. I'm grateful" she said thankfully as she stood up from the bed.

 "Awwn, what are roommates for" Nike said laughing.

"For pulling one's cheeks abi?" Tomi replied her as she stepped into the adjoining  bathroom that was in the room. At least she was grateful, she didn't have to struggle for bathrooms like other students living in a one room apartment did,   all thanks to Nike's parents who took care of their house rent even with the little they earned. Picking up her tooth brush, it crossed her mind that she hadn't held her morning devotion, but she was not interested. All she needed was her school fees and not some devotion that would take her time. She thought as she hissed out.

"Peace unto this house, is anyone home?" Dr. Tunde knocked at his patient's door. He resumed for his morning shift only to discover that his patient was no longer in the premises, having made enquiries, he was told by the nurse on duty that his  patient decided to pay for her treatment and had returned home since she couldn't keep paying for the hospital bed and other facilities.  It was better to get her drugs and used them at home instead of becoming a debtor at an hospital. Tunde had a caught a glimpse of her face even in her sick state when she was brought to the hospital by a neighbor, though she had a malnourished body she still looked beautiful and her little words depict that she was a Christian and a matured one at that. He had caught her on several occasionally singing praises to God even while on the hospital bed. Getting to the hospital only to discover that she had gone home without completing her treatments because of funds had made him a little bit sad. He took a mental note to pay her a visit as getting her details won't be an issue since she had at filled a form at the hospital reception. Here he was knocking at her supposed door without getting a reply. Turning to leave,  he had the door knob turn, he shooked his head as he sighed "Someone was home after all" he said in his heart.

 "Hi, Good evening Doc" Dupe  greeted him,  shocked to see him at her doorstep. What was he doing at her home? She was not owning them even if she was,  wasn't that the job of the accountant?  What was the doctor doing at her door step?

  "Hello" Dr. Tunde said as he waved his hands to her face, she had opened the door, greeted and then stood fix at her door step having a worried look on her face.

"I'm not here to take you back to the hospital if that's what you are worried about" Dr. Tunde  said smiling softly as his dimples became more obvious.

 He was nicely dressed in a white shirt designed with purple long strips that caught diagonally across the white fabric. His shirt was neatly tucked into a pair of black trousers, around his waist was a brown belt and he had on him brown shoes to match. He was a guy but yet had a liking for fashion, sometimes, his friends teased him saying he had a taken a wrong direction being a doctor instead of being a 'Tailor'.

 "Oh, pardon my manners, you can come in. Please have your seat. I know you're not here to take me back to the hospital. I won't even go back with you. I'm just shocked seeing my Doctor at my doorstep that's very rare." She said smiling as she led him in.

Few minutes later, they were both seated as Dr. Tunde kept asking different questions concerning her health, which she replied that she was feeling better. He felt for her, how could one leave the hospital when she wasn't yet strong. He had asked her about that and she had replied saying she couldn't remain on the hospital bed when her sister's exam were approaching and her fees where yet to be paid. Tunde concluded in his heart that she had sacrificed her health for her younger sister's happiness she really was a true believer. He had a felt nudge in his spirit to ask her how she planned on raising the fees in such a short period which he did.

 "I don't know, I know God will provide. I had to empty my account today and with that I was able to send her the half payment while I run around for the other half. I know I'm not going to borrow because God never created me to be a debtor. I choose to trust Him. So, you see why I can't  keep staying at the hospital." She said concluding.

 "Wow! That's a rare one. I've always known you had a good heart with the way you related with other patients at the hospital. I know God will definitely provide for you. I got you some fruits they are in my car but I doubt if you have eaten. I'll order for food, so you can eat and take your drugs in my presence before I leave." He said as he picked up his phone.

About an hour later, he left promising to visit the next day. Dupe was so grateful to God, she hadn't taken anything except the pap she had at home and that definitely wasn't good enough for someone who had drugs to take. Being a primary school  teacher, the school was on her  third term break and that implies she won't be paid her normal salary. Her colleagues, did different lessons for pupils this period but she couldn't due to her health and all the doctor could see that was wrong with her was lack of some vitamins.  She knew she was malnourished but she had no choice Tomilola her younger sister  as she fondly calls her was her priority. She had used the whole day talking to God even when different thoughts that were not of God crossed her mind. She had decided to hold onto God who was her source. Her body was a living sacrifice and she won't defile it by prostituting like other ladies would have done in exchange for money. She had trusted God for provision and he had provided food, good food she smiled as she reminiscence on all that happened during the doctor's visit. He had insisted  she called him his first name. Though, she struggled at first but  it later came out easily as Tunde was a sanguine himself and was good with conversation coupled with the fact that he laughed  a lot revealing  his amazing deep dimples which she admired.

The buzzing of her phone jolted her out of her thoughts and she reach to pick it from where she had left it on the couch,  smiling at the screen as 'Darling Tomilola' displayed indicating who the call was from.

 "Tomilola mi" Dupe said as she picked her sister's call.
"Good evening ma, how's your health and hope you are better now? Tomi asked.

"I'm fine o. God provided me a good Samaritan who blessed with food" Dupe replied smiling as Tunde's picture flashed through her mind.

 "I'm happy you're excited tonight, or is it because of the food. Anyways I hope God provides a good Samaritan who will also pay my school fees. I'm tired o. We have to look on people for everything and God is up there doing nothing" she replied as she was not interested in anything that had to do with God.

"Hmm...  Tomilola, we are God's creatures, he loves us and gave us dominion over all he created. If we think we are not exercising total dominion over some areas of our life we have to keep talking to him about our situation, and holding onto his  promises.  He is never late. Don't let this take away the fire on your alter. Avoid distractions and keep reading your school notes in faith that you write this exams. Remember we are living sacrifices right? " Dupe asked.

Living sacrifice had been their Mum's favourite name for them both before she died, she would always  tell them, they were different, they were Jesus' babies and the only thing that could separate them from Him was if the fire went out and that helped them  in avoiding the normal trend of having  boyfriends as their classmates had back  then  in secondary school. They were different, they were sacrifices unto God.

"Yea, I know. We are living sacrifices" Tomi said as though she was trying to remind herself who she was.

 "I called to say thank you for the half payment. I hope we can complete it before Friday which is the deadline. Today is Tuesday,  I just  hope God works a miracle. Thank you Sis, God bless you. Please, take care of yourself" she said concluding.

"You're welcome. Sure, I will take care of myself and I'm certain God will take care of me. Have a good night rest Sis and don't ever forget that I love you." She said as she ended the call.

 Today was gone and tomorrow was another day, that God will certainly take care of. She smiled as she walked into her room. She had woke up hungry and with no means of eating but now she was going to bed filled and energetic. God was definitely a good God. Kneeling beside her bed, she gave thanks to God for his benefits and asked for his protection as she went to bed. As she got into bed, she remembered her prayers weren't complete.

 "Thank you Jesus for Tunde and please  bless  him and all that concerns him" she said as she allowed nature to take it's full course. 

Tunde had woken up quite earlier than usual the next day, after his yesterday visit to his 'patient' he was certain he heard right. During her stay at the hospital,  he heard God say to him 'That's her' but he just didn't want to believe what he heard "I know nothing about her" he had replied the nudge in his spirit, attended to her like he would to every other patient only for him to get to his office and lose his peace. He made sure he entered her ward each day and looked forward to seeing more of  her only to be told that she had left. There, he knew he had to work out something, how was he to approach his patient?  And why would God give him a sick woman anyway. He was later relieved when the results of the test showed that she was fine, just malnourished. How could such a grown up lady be malnourished?  Now he knew better. She had a heart of gold, and her faith was worth emulating.

Tunde was raised by godly parents, though they were wealthy, their children were brought up in the way of the Lord. During his last visit, his parents raised the issue of his age and why he was yet to introduce any lady to them talk less of getting married. His younger sister Tife had laughed hitting him constantly as she made jest of him that he had eyes but couldn't see,  when he told his mom he was yet to 'meet the right woman'.

"Meet? Are you sure 'Meet' is the right word or 'See'? When all you do is work, work, work and when you're not working you are either in a crusade or at a fashion store picking a new outfit. Bro. Tunde just forget about 'meeting her' since some have eyes but cannot see. You,  just 'see' her first and leave me to plan the 'meeting'." She said laughing seriously with water dropping out of her eyes.

 She had taunt him with the song primary school pupils do sing whenever it was break time only that this version was composed by her and it was  for him alone.

"Some have eyes, but cannot see, some need to see but are desiring 'meeting' ".  Her Mum had joined her completing the song saying

  "We have eyes and we can see. Glory be to thee,  O Lord. Please bless this my son with a seeing eye O God" His mum prayed as Tife laughed on.   

Tunde left his parents house with a burden that day all thanks to his sweet yet naughty  sister who would never stop troubling  him. He was going to pay her back someday just that the perfect day was yet to surface. His family was one with joy. Having three sanguines and the joy of the  Lord, gives you an idea of what they could be like. His dad was the only reserved one.  Tunde and his sister Tife, took after their Mum's  outspoken nature although Tife could switch her emotions  at times. Tunde was an ever lively person saving lives with his constant smiles. Since he left his parents house that day, he had been praying and seeking God's face on who his future wife was and all along he heard nothing.

His face brightened up in a warm smile as her picture flashed through his mind. Even in her sick state, she was a sight to behold 'Beautiful yet Godly' he had obviously gotten a gem. Right there, it occurred to him that he hasn't even said his prayers and here he was gushing over  'somebody's daughter' smiling foolishly to himself.

"God, your boy is beginning to fall in love o, but you are always my first love sha" he said laughing as he picked up his bible and study journal to have his devotion, he just hoped he won't end up writing her name in that journal. 

Nike had planned studying in school tonight, instead of her normal routine of staying at home to read. Her bed was not helping matters and she knew she had to burn the  midnight candle to succeed and this might not be totally possible with her in the room staring at her bed. Sleep was always sweeter when exams were approaching and she just couldn't take that risk. She decided to cook dinner for both her and Tomi since she wasn't sure if she would have eaten or not. She noticed Tomi was beginning to keep to herself she just prayed that she comes out of whatsoever was wrong with her soon. Receiving from God sometimes requires waiting and that she has learnt to do patiently for as long as she had to. It was just 5pm in the evening, so she had enough time to prepare her meals and rest a little before going for her night class.

Tunde paid Dupe a visit has promised but this time, he came with different food stuffs  and other basic things he felt she would need to grow healthier. He got it from a grocery store with the help of  his sister. He expected Tife to ask him who he was shopping for, or make fun of him as he doesn't involve her whenever he was going for his  personal shopping. But, today was one of those days when Tife behaved like one on 'her periods.' She obeyed his orders without questioning him or pulling his legs. Tunde enjoyed days like this when Tife was extremely quiet and serious, there won't be any trouble, not even a single one.

 Dupe kept thanking him over and over again for the food stuffs, she was grateful she won't have to face being hungry for the time being.

 "Have you been able to get your sister's complete fees? " Tunde asked looking into her eyes intently.

 "No, I haven't. I called one of our distant uncle and he promised to send it before the day runs out. I'm yet to receive any thing though" she said as she checked her phone, clicking on the message app to see if she had any new message from her bank - she didn't.

"Oh, Ok. Let's hope he does that before the end of the day" Tunde said replying her.

 "Yeah, I hope so".

 "So tell me, did you study a  course  that is related to teaching or do you just love teaching?" He asked as he sipped the malt drink she had offered him earlier which was part of the things he brought.

 "I never loved teaching at first but after graduating and still couldn't get a job, I had to teach. But, now I enjoy what I'm doing and I am also gratefully to God. I read Event Planning and Management while on campus"

  "Wow!  That's  interesting,  from an event planner to being a teacher. That's a lot." He said nodding he head while he smiled softly.

 Within few hours of knowing her on a personal note, he noticed she always had a bright glint in her eyes whenever she smiled and that she was also a lady of few words which complemented his personality well. Her smile had a way of getting through to his soul and that alone was enough to keep him wanting to see her over and over again. He hasn't even told her what he heard God say about them and here he was admiring a lady that saw him nothing more than being her doctor.

Clearing his throat "What if I help you get a job at an event planning company,  where you can earn more money? " He asked looking at her closely.

 "You want to get me a job? How?"

 "My Aunt owns one, First Place Event Planning Empire. You have heard of it right?"

"Are you joking, First Place? Wow! That's a big one! I'm tempted to ask who you really  are". She said smiling.

 His aunt?  Then this man must be wealthy but while was he been nice to her, probably he pitied her and didn't like the results of the test carried  out on her and definitely  getting her a  job would solve her problems.

 "Sure, I'll pray about it and let you know if I'm released to work at your aunt's company" she said when she noticed he was expecting a reply from her.

 "That's okay, just let me know. So I can relate  it with my aunt. Can I have your number please?". This was the kind of lady he  had  always wanted- God first even in tight situations. She didn't jump at his offer because it sounded nice, she needed her father's permission first.

 "Sure, you can" Dupe replied as she collected his phone to punch in her  numbers. 


Tomi came in when Nike was about stepping out of the hostel. She saw Nike prepared for night class already. They greeted as Nike headed out. Tomi wasn't ready for pleasantries, she needed to rest before her new found  job would begin. She spoke with Susan, her departmental mate earlier that day and Susan had promised to get her a job that night. Switching off her phone she needed enough rest before it was time for the job, closing her eyes the only prayer she could mutter was, "Lord, protect me" as she slept off.

Dupe felt a nudge to call Tomi but her number wasn't connecting, she called her roommate and still couldn't speak to Tomi since Nike was not in the room. She kept feeling restless as she paced to and fro in her room. Concluding she decided to pray for her baby sister. 

Tomi was dressed in a light green turtled neck top which she securely tucked into a black jean trouser, her hair was packed up in a pony tail, while her face was void of make up. She wore a pair of silver sandals and had in her hands silver purse to match. She was waiting at the junction where Susan had asked her to wait. Having stood there for close to an hour, Tomi saw a van approaching and watched it  slowed  down beside her. Susan cocked her head out through the window signalling for her to join them which Tomi did. She couldn't understand what was happening, why where they in a van and who were this men. Susan noticed the fear on Tomi's face and asked her to relax.  In her words they were her partner and she only got her jobs through them. They journeyed until Tomi couldn't place the location they were anymore, she decided to relax she wasn't the one in the van anyways, she thought to herself, but  her consolation didn't last for long as the driver took a complete different turn and headed for the bush.

With a frightened look, she faced Susan who quietly turned her face towards the window as if she hadn't seen Tomi look in her direction just now. The van kept moving but now in a  slow manner as the road wasn'ta tarred one. The van stooped and entered into a  compound that had tall fences around it.

As if on cue, Susan brought out a cigarette stick, got it lightened up and started smoking

 "You smoke?" Tomi asked no one in particular. She was ordered to come down and right there she knew she was in serious trouble.

"Susan, was all this about?" Tomi asked her with a  confused look.

 "What's does it look like dummy?" Susan replied wickedly as she kept puffing out smoke from her mouth and nostrils.

"You wanted money, I wanted too. But you fit into the description needed. Chief, needs a  virgin for upgrading his money rituals and I will be compensated if I brought him a virgin. So, you see you are a  decent girl and I know you must be a virgin. Don't worry, after we are done you will get your fees and everyone will be okay." she laughed before signalling to the boys to carry out their job.

Tomi was tied stark naked to a tree, still trying to comprehend the fact that she was naked before a man. She couldn't stop her tears from flowing, how dd she become this gullible? why didn't  she speak to her fellowship coordinators instead of Susan? When last did she even attend  church services, even if she called God now, would He answer her?  Where was the fire on her alter? How did she get here?  

This and many more where the thoughts  going through her mind. The herbalist did all he wanted to do with her body reciting various chant over and over again. Thereafter,  he instructed the boys to slaughter her, the boss was happy now "finally"  he muttered under his breath.

 Picking up the well shaped  and shiny cutlass he matched towards her, as he got closer all Tomi could remember was her late Mum's voice

 "Tomi, you're different, you're a living sacrifice as long as your burning. Never let your fire out. Never!".  Now tears poured out in a rushing manner, she had failed her parent,  her sister, her amazing room mate and most importantly God..... and now she had  become  a sacrifice to the devil,  she knew the end had come, she couldn't even mutter the sinner's prayers.

Seeing the boss raise the cutlass all she could shout was "NO!!"

"Tomi, won't you open this door. I've great news o" jerking out of her sleep she had Nike's voice and then it dawned on her that it had been a dream all along.  She had tears on her face just as she had in her dreams and was sweating profusely. Recalling all that happened in her dreams, she cried the more as she opened the door for Nike who now was confused on why her room mate was crying.

 "See you have to stop crying, are you the only one yet to pay your school fees?  Anyways, you know I have a bad habit of not reading text messages, my uncle called  while I was reading last night to tell me he had sent your school fees alongside extra change to get any other thing  we would need. I couldn't believe it until I check and saw that I have been credited  since yesterday morning, so  rise up girl, because we are  writing this exams together" Nike said with excitement.

Tomi cried on, that same yesterday she had walked up to Susan for help, she would have gone with her last night. Her intention was to rest a little  before going to meet with her, but she had slept off and here she was hearing this morning that God had already sorted out what she was worried  about. She would have lost her life. Finding her voice, she explained herself to Nike,  who was amazed and shocked.

 "Oga o, on top school fees?" Nike kept repeating as she clapped her hands like a  typical Yoruba girl would  do when she was amazed

"Tomi, you could have died and gone to hell. Aunty Dupe called last night and said she couldn't get through to you, she felt you were in  some kind of trouble. You knew Susan wasn't a Christian why did you go to her? Probably, Aunty Dupe's prayers made you doze off, the fire on her altar saved you.  You switched off your phone because you knew she was going to sense something and call right?  But God used it for your favour because I'm certain Susan would have called to wake you up since she didn't know where you live". Nike said to Tomi, who wouldn't stop crying.

 "I'm sorry lord. I should have known that I'm different, that I am a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to you.  My elder sister's altar saved me. I'm so sorry Lord. Please  forgive me" Tomi kept praying for God's mercy as she laid flat on her face.

Nike was happy her roommate was back- one who couldn't  start her day without talking to God.  She just can't  wait to relate the whole story to Aunty Dupe, she was sure Aunty Dupe would be as amazed as she was.


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