The Burning Altars by Adigun Helen Oluwaseun

The Burning Altars by Adigun Helen Oluwaseun

First it was in a flame of fire;
Afire that burnt in the bush
Without consuming it,
Calling the attention of Moses' to purpose,
A fire that purifies.

Then a pillar of fire at night ;
The fire that led God’s children
Out of the dungeon of slavery and death;
Afire that illuminates all darkness.

Crackling and whistling; the fire from the burning altars,
The fire now on our altars,
A place before the veil ,
That separates the holy place from the holy of holies,
God’s place of encounter.

The burning altar; a place of covenant ,
Covenants are made and broken,
A place of renewal ,
A place of intercession.

It’s a place of worship,
A place of consecration and sacrificial atonement,
A place of reconciling back to God,
A place of refining.

The burning altar; God’s power and presence,
Judgment , weapon,protection,
Zeal, boldness and courage,
A place of surrendering to God’s will .

Our lives; the sacrifice on the altar ,
Consumed by fire and made purified,
Consecrated and whole,
And then communion with God follows.

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