The Mandate by Ruth Adeola Atoyebi

The Mandate by Ruth Adeola Atoyebi


Literally, a few number of people might be asking if God is always bothered. Yes, He is. Not for anything else but about us, His people. He doesn't want anyone to perish. He needs people like Abraham in our time, who will pray for his niece, Lot that he may not perish in Sodom. He needs people like Prophet Ananias who He will be sent on kingdom assignment.

We don’t have to worry about our imperfections. He is ready and able to make us break free from every fats in us. The devil might want to play his dirty tricks on us by introducing again the fats we have laid on the altar in our heart. The ability to rise up again and say to the devil "You have lost your grip over me because I'm more than a conqueror"  and then go back to God in prayer makes us fit and back on track. Remember, a righteous man falls seven time and rises up again!

This is the time that we respond to this calling and responsibility to ignite our altar and keep it burning! Matt 28:19-20, Mark 16: 15-16, Mark 16:20


One of the things My discipler always says to me is "Every Christian is placed in a particular place, at a particular time to deliver well purposefully." It's now for we, Christians to seek to discover that purpose by intensifying more in the spirit. Just Iike we did, little children that we were, in my Junior school days. Even though most of the times we blame God for every bad situation that comes our way, we just do not know it as a blessing in disguise.

I had had my primary education in a private school in Ogun State. Now I decided to proceed to a government high school in Lagos State. Being a little girl, the picture of where my aunt schooled flew all over my mind, and I kept troubling my parents I also wanted to school there. My father of a blessed memory, who passed on a year later was initially against it because I was pretty too young. He later concurred when my cousin also opted for the same school.

My uncle was a public secondary school teacher back then. So it wasn't really a lot of struggle for us, the bills and the procedures for the private to public school transfer. In time, they released the names of the admitted students of the prestigious school but mine wasn't there. It wasn’t even enlisted in any other government school nearby. Where I was posted was a very long distance! The mentality of students of this particular school I was posted to kept me worrying. I told my parents that I didn't want the school. It was at that point I realized that entering a government school isn't a child’s play. It was a big hurdle to cross. Throughout the first term, I couldn't join my mates class lessons because my name hadn’t been pasted in the school’s admission list. My cousin and I stayed back home throughout the term.

Like a popular saying "at the end of every tunnel, there's always a light," I was eventually admitted into the school. When I got to the school, I saw my name in 'Jss 1N.' Oh, Jss 1N? I screamed. We were so populated that the limited classes and chairs wasn't enough for us all. The whole Jss 1N students were divided into 3 groups and then one way or the other squeezed into different vacant classes, where we all had to bring in our chairs and desk made provided by our parent or alternatively, a wrapper to spread on the floor. Eventually, I was a Jss 1N student placed in Jss1C. Funny right? When I visualize how things were going, I wanted to tell my parents to take me to another school with a conducive environment for learning. Then I remembered I was the one who insisted I love the school.

I continued enduring everything I faced. With time, I  adapted to the school system. We created a group which made us forget about every hitch we faced. Another set of students were added to us; Jss1 M, N, P, Q and R but we and the P's decided to set apart. We formed a prayer group where we assembled during break hours for prayers and dining with God. We usually observed a fasting and prayer meeting every Wednesday. This got to the table of the school authority but our Home Economics teacher who was also a pastor's wife encouraged us. We joined the students fellowship forum and our coordinator played a good role while he was still in school till we completed our Junior school certificate examination.

When I got to JSS 2, I was selected along with others for the office of the school prefectship. They took us to the science lab for an interview. Prior to that, my best friend, Ella and I had concluded we'd be taking the post of the assembly prefect. So, When it got to my turn to choose the post I would want to serve. I told the teacher " I will wish to serve as an assistant to the assembly prefect", while Ella said "I will serve as the assembly prefect."

We were assigned this offices and the school took a great turn around during our time.  The assembly hour began to be more coordinated, livelier and we’ll organised. The praise session was awesome. The prayer session was also powerful. Most times, We would invite different teachers to take charge of the prayer sessions and then deliver lectures to us on special occasions like the Valentine's day, Children's day, examination period, and many more.

We took these offices in school beyond a privilege, unto as a purpose; the reason why we were in the school to restructure the way the assembly section is being handled. It isn't an exaggeration to say that the students would never anymore want to miss the assembly to glorify God our Maker through praises and prayers. I knew this because, when I was in JSS1, those who were always punished as a result of late coming were now fully in number.

Choosing this office wasn't from a desire to sing. Of course I'm a shy type. However, I always found myself before a crowd. You will always get fulfilment and satisfaction doing the right thing; something pleasant to God. I saw a fault in the worship and prayer life of the students and how we didn't take the assembly hours to heart. I saw a burden which I decided to fix by God's grace during my time and with God's help, it was a great success.

As a result of our position in the school, Ella and I became famous that I began to be so conscious of how I live my life, particularly, the way I talk. I began to see myself as a model that people look unto as a guide. I never wanted to be a reason for anybody's downfall.  Ella and I became the topic in everyone's discussion. In fact, we are oftentimes mistaken for each other. And then, our friendship also took a great turn; we became sisters.

There was a bad omen that came up in my school; something of prophetic significance that resurface every year. It was the death of at least a student who was on the verge of progressing into the senior secondary school. It happened when I was in JSS1, and in my second year. What could we do to hinder it from reoccurring during our own time? I thought. Our Wednesday fasting and prayer hadn't stopped. I decided to share this burden with our coordinator, Peace, who confessed she had also been thinking about it. We decided to hold a meeting with our fellowship pastor, Mrs. Akinyemi. In the meeting we concluded that every student in Jss3 should observe a three day fasting and prayer. The information was passed across and as God would have it, everyone obliged to the instruction.

At 12 noon and three o'clock in the afternoon, we all gathered at the assembly to pray till the concluding date of the fast.

After the three-day fasting and prayer, our fellowship pastor implored every fellowship member from JSS 1 to JSS3 to prolong the fasting till the seventh day.

Few weeks to the Junior WAEC examination, about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, an unusual bell rang. It was a call to the assembly. We all gathered wondering what the reason could be. While we yet gathered, one of our teachers, Mr. Oloyede, presented himself to ensure a decorum and then he told us that the principal wanted to pass an information to us all and it would be polite of us if we were quiet.

About five minutes later, the school principal walked herself up to the stage. As usual, she said " Good afternoon my beautiful children"  we replied " Good afternoon madam."

 "The news got to us that one of our students in JSS3, Joel is presently on the sick bed fighting for his life." She broke the news. Everyone was disturbed. The confusion and displeasure in the air out-turned into incessant murmuring. At the end of the meeting with the principal, we were all enjoined to fast and pray for Joel.

Joel was my classmate, but not a member of the school fellowship. On Friday, during fellowship, we raised an altar of prayer concerning Joel. It was not only about Joel, but that there must be a big turn around and no more record of death during our own set and beyond. Ella and I made sure an altar of prayer was raised concerning Joel and the whole students during the  hour and we continued even at home. 
Two weeks gone, we received the news that Joel wasn't recuperating. During the fellowship, the school principal declared a fifteen minutes of praise.  We all sang praises to God with a sober heart. Ella and I also decided we should wait for at least thirty minutes each day after the closing hour to pray on behalf of Joel as we live miles apart. We did this until the day of our examination.
The examination days unwrapped with the ambience of anxiety in the air. Every student in JSS3 was anxious as we anticipated to see Joel. Ten minutes to the examination, there wasn’t any trace of Joel. We became so worried with the recent news we heard about him, which was very much more appalling.

About a minute to the examination, every students was seated in the hall as the examination was about to commence. Suddenly, we heard a great noise outside. The junior students were hollering "wow, Senior Joel!" Every one of us in the hall ran out to know what was happening, unminding the invigilators before us. Then, we saw Joel alongside his mother. We were so excited, even though he was brought to the school on a wheelchair. We were grateful to see him write the examination with us. Joel completed the examination with us on the stretcher but that didn't continue for long as we beheld him walk himself in eventually on our valedictory service. It was indeed a great deliverance we had during our set!

Few months down the line, we became the senior we had ever wanted.  We were so happy. Joel didn't continue schooling in our school, but we had the news that he was perfectly fine and had gone to complete his Senior Secondary School education in a private school. The relieve is, he was doing fine now.


Ella and I chose the same department. We didn't choose because we wanted to but God must have directed us. The fame we had in the Junior school level didn't die there. It continued through our senior secondary school till we graduated even though we got partially disconnected in the long run.

During our early days in the senior school, Ella started to act strange. We hardly share our thoughts, fast or pray together. Whenever I ask her if there was any offense I had committed, she would always end up saying no. I was so disturbed that it affected literally everything about me. I hardly pray, listen attentively in class, but always thinking about Ella and what people would say if things didn’t go well eventually.
One day, I got to know the reason behind my friend's attitudes. It was a result of her connection with a girl in my class. I didn't know how the duo became friends but I saw it as a big trap for Ella. I tried persuading her one day in the class not to give in to the devil. I experienced the biggest shame from my friend that day. Ella shouted at me, and rebuked me never to dictate how she should live her life. I became so worried about what people would say, about the friendship we had built for a few years.

Ella and Dabira's friendship continued to bud but I wasn't okay with it because I knew who Dabira was. During those times, I always cried both in school and at home. I could remembere a girl in my class then, Vikky who always cheered me up and encouraged me.

"You see, Wonder, Ella has chosen the path she want to tread. Do not get too disturbed over it because it could affect your academic performance and the good result you have been building."

With time, I began to live without Ella but whenever I got the information about her evil way of life with Dabira, I'm always disturbed. With time, teachers who knew Ella and loved her so dearly began to detest her new attitudes. They complained about her life and academic performance.

Reality began to dawn on me that life is not just about keeping friends or what people will say when you do away with some. Life is about the good role you play in the lives of friends and other people around you, and how many lives you positively impacted. I couldn't stop Ella from the bad friends she was keeping and I couldn't come to the knowledge of praying for her.

During those period of us not getting together, I was also stuck in the house. My father's demise had been causing a great problem in the family. I didn't notice that initially because my mother so well hid it from us. I could remember that few months after my father's demise, my mother told my brother and I that we would be leaving my father's house to stay in another apartment. I asked her the reason. She said "It's hard to move on with life staying here and besides, it's far from my place of work."  I questioned her answers because it was the same house we had been living and there was never any issue of distance before. Why now? My mother ended the conversation telling me not to bother her.
We moved from our own house to a two bedroom apartment, where I shared the same room with my mother and the same toilet with both my mum and brother, unlike my father's house where everyone had their own room and toilet. Deep down, I knew something was wrong and it was more than what my mother had told me.
I was going through her phone one day and I saw the messages sent to her by my uncle stating there would be a family meeting after my father's forty-first day. I also found a diary on her phone where she did write everything that happened to her, personal and family related, the date she collect her contribution and other things pertaining to us. I was even shocked to see that she kept a good record of each day I started my twenty-eight days menstrual circle. I continued checking the message, till I shockingly saw the message my uncle sent. It stated thus, "The family is giving you five days more to leave my brother's house and then submit the house documents to me" I was shocked and began to weep. Finally, I got to know the reason behind our relocation. As it was so clear to me, my father's brother and other members of the family chased us out.

Without thinking through, I went straight to the toilet to meet my mother. I stood by the door and screamed over at her, "Why mummy? Why would you allow that? It's your husband's house, mommy! The house you both built for God's sake!" My mother cleaned herself up, came out and then sat me down to explain the whole story.

"Your father's business wasn't going on well when you were in Basic six. He decided that he would sell his company and one other landed property off in order to  pay off his debts and then start afresh. He did this successfully. Then he collected another loan to start a new business he was introduced to by his best friend. He never knew it was a complete fraud. His friend ran away with the money and resultantly threw your father into another debt.

According to him, he only used his only remaining landed property as a collateral. He never told me that our house and the cars were also a part. Your uncle even never knew all these yet sent us packing thinking he had inherited a fortune. It was later that the bank came to give them the notice that he called me for an emergency. It was then I got to know that your father, my own husband had placed our house, our shelter on a collateral."

My mother began to weep. I could not hold it too. I joined her in tears and there was no one to console us. We continued until Aunty Susan knocked at our door to ask for our electricity fee. My mother handed it over to me. I wiped my tears and reached out to her.  Aunty Susan has been so good to me since we relocated to our new apartment. She admonished me on both academic and spiritual things. She has been a good discipler and her teachings had really helped to build my faith.

I returned in and said to her "Weeping will not solve this hitch, mommy. Instead, let’s cry to God in prayer" At dusk, my little brother came back home from the field. We told him we would be praying at midnight for the family. My twelve year old brother didn't know that was happening. Neither had my mother ever given him any slightest idea to suspect the matter in the family. My brother began to grumble. At that point, I wonder why the last born of the family often act funny and are not being chastised sometimes. My mommy looked at him and said " Obaloluwa, Gbadura ki o maa baa Gbadura," which is to mean “Pray, so you will not have to pray!” Then she left the room.  I decided to speak calmly to him that in that particular stage of our lives, we need prayers. We needed to ignite our prayer altar and it must keep burning if we want to stay happy and victorious. He reluctantly agreed. But then, he was sleeping and waking all through the prayers.

Two years later, I progressed into the university. I made sure Ella and I reconciled before leaving Ebenezer High School. Of course, we could not turn back the hand of time of being best friends but we became platonic friends. Fortunately for me, I was offered an admission that same year I left secondary school. Ella however decided to rewrite her O'level in a private school.

The joy of becoming a university student took away my night rest. I was so overwhelmed that I began to imagine the University life I had not lived. A month later, my mother and I went to my school for my medicals and also in search of a good hostel for me. Oba couldn't follow us because his academic calendar was on. So, my mother plead with Aunty Susan that he would stay with her. My mother left out key should there was a need to take some things in the house. We trusted Aunty Susan, so there was no reason to welcome any iota of doubt in us. Two weeks later, we came back. My mother and I began to make plan for my return to school. Due to my schooling burden on my mother's neck, she decided that we relocate to a 'face to face' apartment. I was not happy because of the comfortability of the house and that of leaving Aunty Susan. Aunty Susan had been a blessing to my family. I wept on her shoulder before finally biding her goodbye. She promised to always check on us and I did likewise. My mother thanked her, then our bus left.

A year down the line, I got a call one night that my brother wasn't feeling too well and that he had been in the hospital for two weeks. I asked my mother if I should come home. She disagreed and told me that Aunty Susan was with her. The presence of Aunty Susan gave me a relief. I told my fellowship president about it and every member of the church prayed for Oba. A week later, my mother told me to intensify more in the spirit. I had to leave the lecture theatre for church. I began to weep and pray for the restoration of my only brother. I called my mother the next day to know how he was faring. She replied he was asleep. I was happy to here that. Still on the call, I heard my mother screaming "Oba, Oba, Oba!!!"
"What is the matter mummy? "
"Mummy! Hello? Hello?"
Then, my mother disconnected the phone call. I tried calling her but no one was picking. Immediately I called Aunty Susan and she reassured me that everything was under control. She said I shouldn’t call my mother, but call her instead. I wondered why but decided not to prolong the conversation. I obliged and did call her.
The next evening, I saw Aunty Susan in my hostel.
"How did you know my hostel aunt?" I inquired
"Oh! You have forgotten that I came for your matriculation when your mummy couldn't come?"
"Oh! That's true, ma."
“You need to follow me to Lagos tomorrow.”
“Why?” I asked
"Because Oba wants to talk to you."
"I hope he's fine?" I questioned.
"Yes, he is." She replied.

I told her how I had been praying and fasting on behalf of my brother and so would be happy to hear from him. She saluted me and said, "Keep the fire burning, my girl.”
I packed few of my clothes and we left Ibadan the next morning.


I got the shock of my life when I got home. I saw my mother, some maternal family and my uncle in the house, everyone looking so pale and sober. I asked Aunty Susan who was still right beside me what the matter was. Then she broke the  news, "Oba is gone."

I shouted at her for the first time in my life "Why would you lie to me that he's fine! You told me he's fine, right? Okay... I will believe only what you told me in my room but this news you are just breaking isn't for me!...Where is Oba? I need to talk to him. You said he wanted to talk to me, right? So, take me to the hospital, I need to talk to him. I want to see him!"

Everyone tried to calm me down but I wouldn't. I cried all the day, reminiscing the sweet memories we’d had together and how I had always admonished him.

Two weeks later, I returned to school but I couldn't concentrate any longer. It affected both my academics and prayer life. I stopped attending the fellowship because I prayed to God and he didn't answer my prayers. I thought of the death of my father, the debts he entered into, the family crisis and then Obaloluwa. My mother who wasn't working until my deceased father was having issue in his business got sacked three months after Obaloluwa's demise because of her lateness and the errors that repeatedly occurred in her calculations. My mother had been working as an accountant before getting married to my father who told her to stop so that she would take good care of us. She went job hunting when things wasn't okay in the house paying no attention to my father's disapproval. Now she’d got sacked from the same workplace. Life turned upside down for me, things became hard, but thanks to Aunty Susan who brought something on the table for us. Few months later, my mother gathered her remaining savings to start up a petty trade so as to live.

I couldn't continue in that manner of life so I opt in for the odd lifestyle. I joined the hot girls on campus who were into 'Hook ups'. We saw it as a means of getting money without looking so cheap. It’s an higher level of prostitution. To proceed fully into this new life, I disconnected every access Aunty Susan had to me. No doubt, I am pretty lady, so guys are always on my neck.

I didn't bother about my academic too much. I began to deviate from the mentality of graduating with a first class. I had always desired to let the world know that a Christian child who works for God can graduate with a first class but it erased so quick from my heart in my second year. My CGPA dropped from 4.83 to 3.9.
Seven months later, I became so sick to the point of death. I was getting lean day by day to the extent that blood booster was not helping. My friends decided to take me home. I never wanted to in the beginning. It happened when I was about completing my examination. My mother was so troubled, praying to God that I shouldn't be taken away from her. She called Aunty Susan and she came with her pastor. During their prayers, I began to weep. I told Aunty Susan that I will like to talk to her alone. My mother and the pastor left both of us. On their departure from the hospital room, I began to cry. Aunty Susan calmed me and then encouraged me to pour out what's bothering me. I confessed to her. I recounted how I got her disconnected from me by not picking her calls, pretending not to hear her well whenever she called with another number, and how saddening I had became a high class prostitute.

"Why did you choose the dead end of your purpose, wonder? Why? Is it because of Obaloluwa's death? Is it because of your mother's financial state? Oh, Wonder, it's just a phase! Every problems that we face are meant to make us stronger!"

I knew she was so disappointed but I pleaded her not to leave me in that state.

After our long discussion, She promised to always come to visit me and pray for me. That night, I cried to God to just save my soul. I pleaded for forgiveness. It was during my sleep I saw a man who told me "Obaloluwa will become so evil as a result of peer influence and that will eventually make him lose eternity if he had stayed alive." I woke up to see Aunty Susan and my mother beside me. My mother was wiping off my sweat. I told them the dream I had and I began to sob again . They both consoled me, and encouraged me to pick up my mat and keep walking.

A month later, I was discharged. As promised, I renounced my membership with the hot girls and I returned to church. I revived my altar. I never missed any online meetings with Aunty Susan since we are miles apart. Gradually, I began to develop a burden for the girl child. I consecrate three days; every week and with time, I began receiving messages and instructions from God.  No doubt, my life was taking a traceable step of faith. I could see myself rising as an intercessor. For my growth, I added to the necessities of a spiritual life; reading of Christian books, all recommended by Aunty Susan. With time, I began to buy books based on God's dealings in my life

At age twenty, I graduated from the University with second class upper. During my service year, I initiated the vision of the girl child, which has tremendously restored the paths of many girls. I organised programmes based on spirituality, academics, health and creativity. I hosted seminars and conferences. Gracefully, I met Mrs. Adamechi who runs an NGO. She was my pastor's wife where I served. We worked together and it turned out to be a great blessing.

As regards my father's family, most especially, my uncle, I eventually got to preach to him and he gave his life to Christ. He apologized for his misdeeds and I persuaded my mother to forgive him. She did, though it took time away from us.  We never saw the traces of my father's friend who jilted him, but we heard he was somewhere in Australia. I hope he will repent someday.

I believe every woman is an altar; an eternal portal that must keep burning in the place of prayer and be fulfilled in her higher calling because generations awaits to call her blessed!

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