wHISper by Ifeoluwa Wisdom Momoh

Thinned Out by Augustine Susan

She probably doesn’t want me here!
In this day and age where people like me were killed for any reason imaginable.
Would I also be killed for an affair with a woman of higher standing or worse for having the courage for refusing her…CLANK….
My heart died with every step she took towards my room as she opened my door with a lustful
grin, my promotion, position and life flashed before my eyes as the ointment she applied reached my nose…
Was my entire life a lie, she always teased me, was it just so I could end up a lifeless corpse tomorrow?A subordinate of mine was outside, YES? But how would I explain this situation.
She held me close and then I finally noticed… my windows were locked! And she had bolted the door to my…….
She brought her head over to my head and whispered into my ear…

Immediately I broke out the window, leaving my jacket in her hands…
She at once screamed out “he has come and shamed our house that HEBREW child” with a
clear taught and the words “how can I do this great wickedness and sin against my God” stuck
on my mind, I choose my GOD.

You were supposed to be my vaccine but you gave me the disease

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