Do you truly Know Him?: Gospel Today Devotional - 8th April, 2024

Grace to you and peace from God the Father. In yesterday's lesson, we learnt about God, right? The fact that God is light and in him is no darkness at all, isn't it? It revealed to us why God cannot do certain things simply because it is not in his nature to do so. I want to believe if asked to talk about the person and nature of God, you will not just say something but give the right answer too. Glory to God.

Do You Truly Know Him?: Gospel Today Devotional - 8th April, 2024

Today's lesson is a follow up on yesterday's lesson. While yesterday, we learnt about God and that which defines him, in today's lesson, we shall be seeing how that which we learnt about God should affect us as believers. Do you get the idea? If you claim to be a son of a particular man, that is, that man is your father, there would be certain ways people expect you to behave, isn't it? If you behave differently from him, won't people question your claim?

They will certainly question your claim about being a son to the man. This is simply because you do not act like him in any way. Well, the basis for comparison may either be negative or positive and what that means for example is that if the man you claim to be his son is a drunkard and you're not, people will ask if you're truly his son. Whereas if he is not a drunkard and you are, people would also ask if you're his son. The summary is this, that if you do something else from whom you claim to be related to, then you may be considered a liar by people. Let's see the passage of scripture below,

"If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth" (1 John 1:6).

However the case is not so with God since we have seen from yesterday's lesson that God is light and there's no darkness in him at all. It only then means that if we claim to be children of his, then this nature of his must be seen in us. Remember also that in yesterday's lesson a question was asked in conclusion, right? That if God is light as scripture has rightly said, how come as children of his, we do otherwise? How many of you took time to meditate on this?

This is the focus of today's lesson. It talks about our claim as children of God and how that acting differently from this qualifies as liars. Look at what it says, that if we say we have fellowship with him, that is, God who was referred to in verse 5, and walk in darkness since in God there's no darkness, 'we lie', and 'do not the truth'.  It is that simple; if our actions contradict our claim, then our claim cannot be true and if it is true, our actions must align with our claim. Is this clear enough?

It is therefore justifiable to say that one cannot fellowship with the one who is light and walk in darkness, can he? Where would we say he got the darkness from since the one he claims to fellowship with has no darkness in him at all? If truly we know God by the reason of fellowship, then we would act exactly like him and show the same trait as he. You cannot constantly fellowship with light and have darkness in you. Do you truly have fellowship with God? Do you truly know him? The Lord help us in Jesus' name.

Thought for the Day

You cannot claim to have fellowship with the One who is light (God) and still walk in darkness.

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