In Good and Bad Times

There are times in our lives when we think that God has gone on a holiday. A time where you think God has taken a break from the business of answering prayers. That period, you accept that problems now have a filed day in your life. Friends face one way, families turn the other way, and God just, you know, walks away from the scene, leaving just you! Everyone has felt this at one point of their life or the other. 

Then, you’ll reminisce on those times God answered you even before you called. More like He’s on speed dial, and picks your call before it even rings. Those times, you’d look more radiant, all smiles, and sing His praises as long as you want. However, it’s not always like that. As long as you’re on earth, there’s bound to be one challenge or the other. 

You’d wake up one day like every other day, with so much energy, and one bad news or circumstance just ruins the whole day, if not the rest of the week, and you’d wonder where God was when that was happening to you. Then the questions start. God, why? Why, God? What did I do? What sin did I commit? You can go on and on. 

One, two, three or multiple ugly things that has happened to you doesn’t make Him less of a good God. If there’s something God is good at, it’s doing good. In the good, the bad, and the ugly, He is still a good God. It so happens that in scenarios like this, you serve Him relentlessly like never before. Your service and devotion to Him becomes like a meal to you- you cannot do without it.

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If your service and devotion to God is based on how things go for you, then you probably have not gotten God yet. Yes, it matters, but doing more of those things you usually do when things are rosy doesn’t make Him pity you and then answer your prayers. The state of your heart is more important to Him even more than your service, devotions and other things you use to replace your love for God. 

People go as far as saying unheard words to God because He, in your mind “refused” to answer you. We should get to that point in our devotion to God where no matter how things get or what goes on with you, that love for Him doesn’t diminish or fade away. Love should make you do what you do, and not because of what you get out of it. You selflessly do something for someone you love, regardless of what the person has done to or for you. It should be the same with God.

When we’ve gotten to that place of our love for God, whether things go haywire or things are going smoothly, that love keeps you running for Him. That love fuels your journey for God and you keep going and loving, and serving and devoting yourself, because you love Him, not because you want to get something from Him. 

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