Who God Is: Gospel Today Devotional - 7th April, 2022

The month of April has been an amazing month for us simply because it has provided us the opportunity to learn at the feet of Jesus. Just yesterday, we concluded the series, "Be a witness for Christ" and I would say that as a person, I was blessed. Although I cannot speak for you, I want to believe that you were equally blessed as well. This is a word of encouragement, that more than we are to be hearers and readers of the word of God as the case may imply, we should seek to be doers as well. This is one way to know that which we have heard and read has indeed become a part of us. Glory to God.

Who God Is: Gospel Today Devotional - 7th April, 2022

That said, your ability to say something about a person is many times dependent on the fact that you have some knowledge about the person, isn't it? If you were asked for instance to speak about your father, you would most likely say things that are true about him, right? This is because having stayed with him for long, you have come to know many things about him either by the questions you have asked or just the observations you have made. This however is not so in all cases, is it? 

The answer is no. This is because a child who has never met his father may likely not have anything to say about him except that which he is told. While he may still be able to say something, he can't really boast of the fact that he has perfect knowledge about his father. Having said that, I just would like to ask you a question, can I? What do you know about God? If one was to ask you who God is, what would be your response? Is your knowledge of God based on what you have heard or as a result of the fact that you know him of a truth? Let's consider the passage of scripture below,

"This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all" ( 1 John1:5).

The book of 1 John began with a very persuasive statement which was the fact that they had seen for themselves and were not just teaching fables. It wasn't because they were told what to say and that was the reason they wanted others to be part of them too. It was because they had seen for themselves, they had handled, they had looked upon. They had experienced Christ for themselves. Just yesterday, we concluded the series on being a witness yet we still have something to learn from this; have we truly experienced what we go out to talk to people about? Have we seen for ourselves? Have we handled? Have we looked upon? Is Christ now dwelling in us? Can we say our fellowship is with the Father and with his son Jesus Christ? Is this the basis for which we ask others to fellowship with us also? ( 1 John 1:1-4).

The focus however for today's lesson is in the fifth verse. A question was asked before now if we truly know God, right? Who is God? What does he represent? While many things may come to mind, the scripture in this passage gives us a simple answer. It says that God is light which means that there's no darkness in God. It is not as though God is trying to be light as that is not the case. It simply means that God has nothing hidden in him. 

He would do no evil as that is not in his nature. God will not compromise his standard for anyone. He will do no iniquity neither will he pervert justice. It didn't just say that God is light as that alone could have still given us a clear image of the person of God but to make us understand this truth, it goes further to say that in God is no darkness at all. It is not in his nature to have 90% light and 10% darkness or 95% light and 5% darkness. The truth is, in God , there's not even a trace of 0.00001% darkness. This gives us a clear picture about God and the reason he will do no evil nor lie. It is the reason no iniquity can be found in him. If God is light and no darkness in him can be found, how come as children of his, we still do otherwise? Let's meditate on this question. The Lord bless his word in our hearts in Jesus' name. Amen.

Thought for the day: God is light and in him is no darkness at all not even 0.000001%.

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