8 Types of Christians You Meet During Fasting

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Fasting is a spiritual exercise that

1. The Time Keepers

2.The Random Tasters

The guys in this category actually intend to fast but somehow, they lose consiousness. You'd usually see them go to the kitchen and start preparing

3. The Almost Time" Brethren

4. The Hunger Strikers

These guys simply find alternatives to do

5. The Prayer Warriors


6. The Sleepers

7. The Weeping Brethren

In this category, we have 

8. Bible Story Readers

These guys would not open their Bibles on a normal day but when a fast is declared especially on a weekend or  public holiday, the Bible becomes their best friend. That is when they decide to read from Genesis down to 2nd Kings. They find the Bible "interesting" in times like this and read it as a story book. Well, you are not doing me

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