Biography of Pastor Ameh Amana

Biography of Pastor Ameh Amana

Pastor Ameh Amana is the General Coordinator of the Gospel Inn Ministries, Ugwolawo, Kogi State, Nigeria. He is also the Convener of the Strategic Leadership Conference, Alabaster (Young Ladies and Women Meeting) and the Feliso (Festival of Living Song.

Growing up, Pastor Ameh Amana at different times attended the Government Secondary School, Dekina and also attended Mount Saint Gabriels Secondary School, Markurdi. He later proceeded to study at University of Jos, Plateau State.

The Gospel Inn Ministries has a divine mandate to is to translate the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37) into worthwhile practical ministries that will generate positive impact on individuals and communities in Igala Land- Kogi State, Nigeria and the nations of the world.

The eventual products of the ministry and calling of Pastor Ameh Amana through the Gospel Inn Ministries are individuals and communities developed and trained by a process and spirited evangelism, discipleship, leadership development, and pastoral care. The ministry is dedicated to raising products called Strategic Sons and Daughters (STRASODA) who are mentored to set the course for enduring spiritual revival, secular relevance, pace setting and taking lead position in Strategic places all over the world.

As a ministry, The Gospel Inn takes the following  as core thoughts:

  • We build strength to bear the wounded
  • We journey to meet the wounded
  • We provide beast  (VEHICLES) to bear the wounded
  • We make wealth to pay for the causes of the ‘great commission’
  • We pour oil and wine (Healing and creating feasts of Joy through worship)
  • We bring people to the Inn (GOSPEL INN)
These thought can work and run ; flowing with the supernatural life of God in any nation or region of this world.

Pastor Ameh Amana is a spiritual mentor, father, teacher, apostle and prophet to many. A specific mention is Reverend Gideon Ekele Odoma who has reverted Pastor Ameh Amana as a spiritual mentor.

Pastor Ameh is happily married to Pastor Gloria Ameh Amana, his heartthrob of over 25 years. They got married on Saturday, May 13th, 1995 and together, they are general coordinators of the Gospel Inn Ministries.

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