Life Beyond the Stage

One fateful day, I was watching behind the scene of the spoken word poetry by Pastor Mrs. Oluwadarasimi Lawrence-Oyor with Evangelist Joshua Bamiloye.  I was amazed with the way they were acting, playing and joking around. Now long after, I watched the real video and there, I kept wondering how the same people who were playing behind the scenes became so serious and focused that you will doubt if they ever play or trick each other.

I can still picture the smile on my face when jay mike said he will stop doing the video if Dara refuse to be serious and even join her in playing. The moment they laugh out loud. The moment jay mike get fed up and have to encourage Dara that she can do it.  The moment Dara shout i don't think I can.

I realized with that short video that this people have a life beyond the stage but many of us want to be like them but in our race to become like them we forget to look at the life they live before and after the stage.

It's not bad to want to be like this people but do you know there is a life beyond the stage, many young Ministers have boring, less interesting and fun life because they want to be seen as spiritual and forget to live a happy and have fun because they want to be serious like all this men of God. However, they forget to know that this people are also human like them, they feel like everyone, they empathize with others but when we see them on stage we see them like they are angel, have the perfect life, they don't have moment they feel confused or trouble and that make us pretend (tag it as having faith) like we don't have our own share of life.

Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde ministering alongside Epistle Drama Unit

Many young Ministers prefer to die in silence and make the world believe they are perfect. If you follow men and women of God sincerely and genuinely, you'd give yourself time to know and see them when they are not on stage,  you will know they went through challenges, they still face challenges, they feel tired sometimes but they surround their selves with people who can encourage and pray with them not people who will judge and make them feel they don't know God well or they are backsliding. Instead, many young Ministers today prefer to judge their friends or anyone that comes to them for help, they laugh and mock them they have forgotten what the  peter said to the saint in the book of Hebrews 3:13 that as a Christian we should exhort one another daily he knows that there will be days we feel tired and like giving up then we can find strength from our fellow believers.

I was wondering why jay mike didn't tell Dara where is her faith or believe when she said she doesn't think she can do it but encourage her to try to focus.

I also remember the interview of Don Meon base on the song he sang" lord you seems so far away' i was surprised when he said he wrote that song when he was in despair and really down mood and feel like God was far from him and feel powerless in place of prayers. Mind you he was not a new convert then he is holy Spirit filled so i was wondering why he didn't cover up that feelings and hid behind faith and holy Spirit. But if it is this generation of competition and pretence we will start to bind and cast the devil cos we  believe it is an attack from the devil but those feelings are there because we are human and know what others are going through and be able to help them out in Hebrew 5 the bible says every priest will go through the pain of the people he is sent to.

 Even Jesus himself at some point in his life feel tired and like giving up but he didn't because he understand the principal of the kingdom.

Many young Ministers couldn't voice out about their struggles cos they fear being judged, many battle with addictions yet couldn't seek for help because the world want a perfectionist and forget this people are human and have emotions like everyone.


Dear Ministers don't be ashamed of yourself, don't be ashame to cry, speak up when you need to!! 

Stop dying silently. You do not need to keep mute because of what the world will say. It's absolutely okay to feel emotional sometimes. It's also okay to feel like playing and talking out with friends!!!

It's okay to feel like being alone even when it not to pray!!!!

It's okay to be you!!!

It's okay to have a friend to talk to about how you feel.

This does not mean that you should replace the Holy Spirit but you still need a friend that can pull  you up when you fall, a shoulder to cry on. The bible that says iron sharpens iron as a friend sharpens another in Proverbs 27:17

 So dear believers stop trying to be perfect be you and let the holy Spirit take you to the stage of perfection.

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