What God Loves: Gospel Today Devotional - 22nd May, 2023

No parent wants to ever see their children do things that are wrong. This is the very reason many times you would see parents commending their children for doing that which is right, and scolding them when they do something wrong. They can go as far as punishing them, spanking them, depriving them of some basic things just to send that message across that they were not pleased by that which they did.

What God Loves: Gospel Today Devotional - 22nd May, 2023

This is even more evident amongst parent who are Christians, and have the fear of God. They would see to it that their children at all cost do that which is right. Even in a country, the reason certain rules and regulations are given, and the reason several constitutions are made is to ensure that the people do right, live right, and act right. So when a person does wrong, he is judged by that which is supposed to make him do right, live right, and act right (the law or constitution). Any community, city, state, country, group of persons that enforce laws, they do so to curb lawlessness.

How much more God who is righteous in nature? By this, we mean to say that God does only that which is right, act right, says that which is right and would never do otherwise. This is that which the Lord seeks to explain to you, and I through his word today. The passages of scripture to be considered are seen below,

"For the righteous Lord loveth righteousness; his countenance doth behold the upright" (Psalm 11:7) "He loveth righteousness and judgment: the earth is full of the goodness of the Lord" (Psalm 33:5).

First, we see that God is righteous and we have explained what that means in the paragraph before now, right? That it means God will never do wrong, and that he only speaks, acts, and does that which is right. It means anything that God does is right, why? Because he is righteous in nature and would never do wrong. This is the reason he looks on those who are upright (those who do right even as he). We see however that God is not just righteous in nature, the scripture says as well that God loves righteousness.

Are you surprised? You should not be. If God is righteous, do you expect him to love lawlessness? The answer is no. Owing to the fact that he is a righteous God, he cannot but love righteousness because righteousness is his person. What does it mean to be righteous you may want to ask? It means to do the things that are right before God. Each time you obey God's instruction, that's you being righteous. Each time you express his love, it is you being righteous. Whatever you do that is consistent with the nature of God and his commandments is righteousness. It means to live right, act right, and do right before God.

God hates it when you do things that are inconsistent with his nature. He loves when you do right, when you act right, when you live right. The Bible says that Abraham believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness, why? Abraham acted right, he believed God, he didn't doubt him. When you believe God and do not doubt, that is you being righteous. God loves righteousness ( he loves it when we do those things that are right in his eyes). We have the nature of God, we have his life in us, and just as God loves righteous, we also are to love righteous. The Lord help us all in Jesus' name. Amen.

Thought for the day: Just as God loves righteousness, you also are to love righteousness.

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