Does God truly Value Me?

You are Extremely Valued by Ajayi Taiwo Jesudara

The rate at which things are getting expensive should teach you something. If you walk up to any trader, especially those who sell foodstuffs and tell them you want to get a product at a price that isn't pleasing to them, they won't sell it to you.

There's a common line most Nigerian traders use in this scenario and that is "I didn't buy it at X rate, so I can't sell it at Y". When you hear such statements, no matter how much you try to bargain, they won't sell it for you if the price at which you want it could make them run at a loss. The only exception is when a trader does not know the worth of what he's selling.

If a product which has no life in it whatsoever can be that valued and the trader refuses to beat down the price, how much more the sons and daughters of God's Kingdom? Certainly, it would be demeaning to compare ourselves to a bag of rice or any other earthly products when we are of much more value than gold itself.

If a trader can refuse to sell his product at a low or unbefitting rate, then God would be unjust to treat us without value. Didn't God's word in Psalm 8:5 say that He has made us a little lower than Angels? That should tell you something - that you are a royal breed. As believers, the blood of Christ truly flows through our vein. Since we got transformed from the Kingdom of darkness into light, our lives have become God-ordained and we have been made to seat with Christ in heavenly places.

How then can we be of no value? How then can we be without a price?

This is why God is so intentional about us. He knows that it took the blood of His son to get us ransomed, we are that expensive!. We are blood-bought so He can't treat us like the son of a bond woman.

You are bought with a price. You are of extreme and notable importance. If you've ever wondered why God has refused you doing some things, here, your explanation is in this post.

If a trader cannot give his product out at a price lesser than how He got it, then God wouldn't let anyone or anything have you if they aren't going to treat you with the same value at which He does. It's not wickedness. It's just God's way of saying that you are His own and He wouldn't let any harm come to you in form of a person or thing.

God is protective. He's that loving.

There is no record of a place or event where God treats His own people without regard except in cases of where He seems to be pruning His own and in cases of persecution or challenges He allows. But even then, only Him has the ultimate right to treat us in a way that may seem unfair (at the moment) because He owns us. Anyone who does the same is in danger of His wrath because such a person is equalising himself to a God that he's not.

So brethren, I would like you to know one thing, you are valued. I don't care how much circumstances make you feel you aren't. You are valued. You are extremely valued. You might as well rejoice for this truth and lock it in your heart.

To some people, this would explain why you've had constant heartbreaks and rejections that makes you feel you aren't valued. But if only you can see yourself the way God does, you would understand that you need to have had those heartbreaks so you wouldn't fall into the hands of someone who wouldn't treat you with the same value God treats you with.

As you read these concluding lines, I hope that you see this as a call to remembrance. This call should cause you to look within and appreciate the fact that a God in heaven didn't think twice or more to replicate Himself inside of us. You are extremely valuable and God loves you richly.

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