Biography of White Olasunkanmi Barry (Son of the Prophet)

Born on 25th May, White Olasunkanmi Barry popularly known as Son of the Prophet is a gospel content creator, media enthusiast, influencer and above all, a foremost impressionist who perfectly mimics the revered Bishop Dr. David Oyedepo.

Growing up according to him, his family  used to sleep in an iron shop on a cemented ground for about twelve years, whenever the rain is falling we don't sleep we harvest the water in the shop and use to wash. Moment when we use to bath in the "Gutter" drainage around 3am before people started going to their work place on the island. Moments where there was no food to eat on Christmas day, we have to just turn it into dry fast from 22th-26th no food to eat at all. Day's when we were mocked that the only thing we know how to do best is to go to CHURCH, since when you have been going to church what has GOD done for you all, Poor family...

Full Biography of White Olasunkanmi Barry (Son of the Prophet)

A particular experience he had was in October 24th, 2017 as at around 6:45pm. There was a rich man whose daughter he (Son of the Prophet) had called daughter for some golf training and the man in response said "I don't know where my daughter met a POOR CHURCH RAT LIKE YOU". According to him, he felt that word and cried saying "Lord why me", then started hearing the holy spirit laugh, I was wondering what made him laugh (was in a why me", then I started hearing the holy spirit laugh, I was wondering what made him laugh (was in a serious look). He said to me go and get a book and pen now, immediately I did, then he instructed me to write what the man said, I wrote POOR CHURCH RAT then the holy spirit asked me to put S at the back of the RAT to make it RATS, I did that immediately which is CHURCH RATS and he asked me to write the RATS back words and he said that is what you will become, when I changed the word behold it was CHURCH STAR, then I added RICH CHURCH STAR. Although we are not yet RICH, but it's a process I believe in, one day the story will change....

White Olasunkanmi Barry is widely known as Son Of The Prophet is popular for mimicking Bishop David Oyedepo. He comes from a family where my father is a Muslim and my mother, a believing Christian. My mother raised me and my siblings.

My childhood experience was not an interesting one because I was not born with a wooden spoon, much less a silver spoon. But I never allowed my past to determine my future. 

Olasunkanmi Barry discovered that he could accurately mimic Bishop Oyedepo in November 14, 2015. According to him, the skill came as a natural gift. While he can successfully mimic other notable people, he has a special place for Bishop David Oyedepo. This has led to him being teased multiple times about  being the biological son of Bishop Oyedepo. It has also given him widespread recognition even to meeting Bishop Oyedepo himself.

White Olasunkanmi Barry is a member of the Living Faith Church and he came to limelight during the December Shiloh 2020 programme where Bishop Oyedepo invited him on stage.

He is an artiste and works at the Draw for Change Initiative

His first encounter with the ministry was in WOFBI 2016. From there, he got inspired to emulate Bishop David Oyedepo.

He was hugely criticised by his father - who was a muslim before his conversion to the faith. On the other hand, his mother, senior brother and sister were partially encouraging.

White Olasunkanmi Barry (Son of the Prophet) is active on social media. You can connect with him via his official handles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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