Christian Book Review: Through it All by Pastor Kola Olugbodi


Published in 2017, Through it All is a nineteen chaptered book which bears real life experiences and how they have helped shaped the life of Pastor Kola Olugbodi.

The book was written by Pastor Kola Olugbodi, so it best passes as an autobiography. For one, I believe it is an autobiography that may later end up as a full movie - not only because of the events narrated in the book, but much more as a result of the deep lessons embedded in the book.

In Through it All, Pastor Kola captures his life's challenges starting with Poliomyelitis and how the disease influenced his life. It speaks to the mind of every individual and calls them to be better persons irrespective of the situation they find themselves. At different points while reading tbe 118 pages of this book, I felt the heart of the author calling me to look beyond the limitations around me and get better in life. 

The overall tone of the book reiterates the fact that only God can truly help a man through it all.

Through it All is available for sale via Pastor Kola Olugbodi's official autobiography website. You can also check out Christian bookshops like the 125 Shop to order a copy.

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