You have a Place in the Body of Christ

A car could be so huge but that car would go nowhere nor journey a mile if you do not have the keys. The keys may seem extremely small in comparison to the car but without it, the car is as good as useless.

It's a similar thing with the body of Christ. Sometimes we get too carried away with the fact that we have many men who are blessings to the body of Christ, and we forget that this does not make the regular church attender less of a blessing.

Believers make up the body of Christ, so without us Christ is incomplete. This means that if we feel our contribution to body of Christ is of no use, we are rendering a part of Christ inactive.

That your contribution is not well recognized or appreciated does not mean it is of little effect.

Nobody is unimportant. Everyone is important.


If only a few were important, why are we still calling men into the fold? If the allocation is already filled, if Christ does not need any further contribution to His body, why are we still calling men to the fold?

We may think we have a correctly functioning body because miracles are happening but if God would show us how deficient we are in some areas, we would cry for mercy. 

We won't be comfortable with having only a few getting it right. Even the feeble members of the body are important.

So we may have plenty music ministers but God is still saying the world needs to hear your voice.

We may have many instrumentalists but God is still saying the world needs to hear your sound.

We may have many actors yet God is saying you have a purpose to fulfilling in the movie industry.

Nobody has taken your place, it's still there but will you fill it?

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