5 Kinds of Praying Christians in the Workplace/Office

If you pray at the office, you likely fall somewhere on this list. In today's edition of Christian Metro series, we bring you five kinds of praying Christians you can find in your office or workplace.

1. The Silent Prayer Christian

These are the

2. The Revivalist Christian

Most times, these ones are the CEOs or major decision takers and that's why they believe that they have all powers to call down fire from heaven. Just be careful because if God answers like Elijah's era, you could be on the street with your CV tomorrow.

3. The Devotion Christian

These guys are the Christians who pray at work only because they skipped devotion or quiet time in the morning. You find most of them in places like Lagos 🌚🌚🌝 where they have to beat traffic and get to work before 8am. 

4. The Toilet/Bathroom Tonguer

These guys do not want to disturb your peace at the office. This part of their lives show up randomly, especially if they are having a really bad day. In a twinkle of the eye, you'd find them in the toilet or bathroom ringing Apostle Udechukwu's species of tongues everywhere. When they come out, they are refreshed and the day auto-resets to a beautiful oneπŸ˜‚


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