How to Find Rest in God

Many people have learnt to believe in God, but only a few people have learnt to rest in Him. One of the things we must learn to do as a believer, is to find rest in God. In Matthew 11:28-29, Jesus requests that everyone who labours and is heavy laden should come to Him and receive rest.

Rest here doesn't mean that you lay down to sleep. Instead, it means the ability to lift up your eyes above the wave and have them completely fixed on God. It is in this that we will find true rest.

It’s never God’s intention that we carry and burdens or endure our struggles on our own. God wants us to lay aside our burden and receive rest from Him. Some of the things we are worried about are what He can handle or what He’s already done. Only that we need to come into the understanding of it, via adequate knowledge.

Worrying wouldn’t supply us adequate knowledge, therefore, we must learn a means by which we can find rest in God.

The subject of finding rest is not something that is that easy, but it is achievable.


How do we find rest in God?

You can find rest in God through the following ways:

1. Search God's Word Diligently

When we search God's word diligently, we will surely find rest. If we read and meditate on it, there is a transformation it does to us. God's word causes confidence to surge through us and how our hearts will trust in Him.

There’s a part of the lyrics of the song Promises by Maverick City  that says:

"Though the storms may come and the winds may blow I’ll remain steadfast

And let my heart learn when you speak a word it will come to pass..."

This particular part has a way of letting me see things differently. You cannot remain steadfast if you don’t have something you are standing on. If we don’t have backups, that is, the word of God for what we are expecting, we’ll faint fast. But when we search scriptures or have been given references by God for what He said, then we can insist on it.

We can trust Him to answer and stop worrying. The state of unrest is not pleasant, I’ve been there. In fact, I struggle with it at times but I’m learning to find rest. 


2. Trust the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the promised comforter and giver of rest



In conclusion, I feel led to pray for anyone reading this who is seriously battling with unrest. May God grant you the Grace to find rest in Him. May you find rest in God even in the face of tough circumstances. May your gaze never shift from God. You won’t faint or get weary. It is well with in Jesus’ name.



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