10 Recommended Christian Cartoons for Children

One Sunday in church at the Celebration Church International, Ile-Ife Campus, our pastor, Pastor Olushola Olaleye shared a few things about 


1. The Lion of Judah

Follow the adventures of a bold lamb (Judah) and his stable friends as they try to avoid the sacrificial alter the week preceding the crucifixion of Christ. It is a heart-warming account of the Easter story as seen through the eyes of a lovable pig (Horace), a faint-hearted horse (Monty), a pedantic rat (Slink), a rambling rooster (Drake), a motherly cow (Esmay) and a downtrodden donkey (Jack). This magnificent period piece with its epic sets is a roller coaster ride of emotions. Enveloped in humor, this quest follows the animals from the stable in Bethlehem to the great temple in Jerusalem and onto the hillside of Calvary as these unlikely heroes try to save their friend. The journey weaves seamlessly through the biblical accounts of Palm Sunday, Jesus turning the tables in the temple, Peter's denial and with a tense, heart-wrenching climax, depicts the crucifixion and resurrection with gentleness and breathtaking beauty. For Judah, the lamb with the heart of a lion, it is a story of courage and faith. For Jack, the disappointed donkey, it becomes a pivotal voyage of hope. For Horace, the, well the dirty pig, and Drake the ignorant rooster, it is an opportunity to do something inappropriate and get into trouble.

Directors: Deryck Broom, Roger Hawkins (co-director)
Writers: Brent Dawes, Edward James
Stars: Ernest Borgnine, Anupam Kher, Sandi Patty

Watch Animated stories for OT: Creation to Moses (2009) Full Movie on Vision Video


2. Animated Stories for Old Testament: Creation to Moses

What is the greatest love story in the Bible? Jon reluctantly begins to explore this homework assignment with the help of BibleMouse,TM who unexpectedly whisks him into his computer screen. There they meet the Scribe, who takes them on an amazing journey through the Bible.The stories of creation, Cain and Abel, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph and Moses come alive in an entertaining way that engages today’s children. Through their adventures, Jon and the young viewer discover God’s faithful love for His people, both then and now. For ages 4-11.

Director: Rina Risitano

Starring: Sir Harry Secombe, Simon Treves, Matthew White

3. Moses Jonah, Noah and Daniel - Non-Stop - The Beginners Bible

4. The Torchlighters

The Torchlighters: The George Müller Story | Full Episode | Stephen Daltry | Alison Pettitt

George Müller lived on radical prayer, depending on God to supply all his needs instead of asking others for help—even in his most desperate situations. By the time God opened his eyes to the neglected street children and the horrors of the workhouses, Müller did what he had always done: he prayed and trusted God to accomplish the impossible. In this 18th episode of the Torchlighters, discover God's miraculous provision and the power of prayer as Müller cared for 10,000 orphans over the span of 50 fruitful years. 

Director: Robert Fernandez

Starring: Stephen Daltry, Alison Pettitt

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