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Apostle Philip Cephas Abaya is a  seasoned apostolic and prophetic teacher of the gospel of Truth. Born on 25th December to a family of eight (8). He is a  man of love,  wisdom, revelation, and prayer.  He is centered on the effective balancing of  Kingdom principles,  doctrine, and revelations to equip the  Body of  Christ apostolically and prophetically into its full manifestation of  Christ.  His love for the  Body of Christ is endless.

Full Biography of Apostle Philip Cephas

This drive has led him to evangelize and conduct outreach programs in different cities and villages so as to reach the lost souls and administer the gospel within those environments. He is interested in raising and mentoring youths in prayer, leadership, influence, Relationship, Anointing, and investment. He is also a prolific writer. He has authored many books such as The prophetic and Vision, Pathway to The  Anointing, The vision of a great people, Roadmap for a Weary Sojourner, and many others. He has been instrumental in the revival movement within  Nigeria.  He is currently resident in  Lafia,  Nasarawa State, Nigeria.

Growing up, Apostle Philip Cephas attended the Praise primary school where he took casses i basic general science and graduated in 1996. He proceeded to study at the Government Secondary School, Lafiagi, He therafter proceeded to study Biochemistry at the Ahmadu Bello University. Apostle Philip Cephas also holds a Master of Science in Biochemistry from the Ahmadu Bello University, a programme he started on the 28th December 2017.

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A well read man, Apostle Philip Cephas studied RS2 at the School of Basic and Remedial Studies Funtua, Nigeria. He also studied Book (musical theater) at the Amadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria

Apostle Philip Cephas worked as a volunteer at the Eternity Network International, popilaerly known as Koinonia which was founded by the revered Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak. Apostle Cephas served in the Prayer Department far back as January 2011.

Former Quality Control and Circulation Services at the Nasarawa State Water Board, Lafia where he worked between April 2013 to August 2013,

Apostle Philip Cephas is the President of Shekinah Network International. SHEKINAH is a monthly Encounter put together by Shekinah Network International.
Every first Saturday of the month at ERCC Mararaba LAFIA by 5:00pm. 


Apostle philip cephas Abaya is a seasoned apostolic and prophetic teacher of the gospel of truth, he was born on 25th December to a family of 8, he came from a long linage of evangelistic and prophetic tribe, his grandfather was a missionary who work until his death. His father continue also as an apostolic evangelist, his mother was also supportive as a prophetic prophetic woman helping the father which later on they retire into civic service. Apostle Philip Cephas also continue in the family linage as an apostolic and prophetic teacher, he is a man of love, wisdom, revelation and prayer. He is center on the effective balancing of kingdom principles, doctrine and revelation to equip the body of Christ apostolically and prophetically into it’s full manifestation of Christ. His love for the body of Christ is endless, this drive has led to evangelise and conduct outreaches and program in different cities and villages all across Nigeria so as reach the lost soul and administer the gospel within those environment. Apostle Philip Cephas is not married yet, Apostle philip Cephas reside in Lafia Nasarawa state. He is the president of shekinah network international and the senior pastor/ founder of shekinah Christian family gospel ministry all in lafia, Nasarawa state. He is interested in rising and mentoring youth and adult in area of prayers, leadership, influence, relationship, anointing and investing among many others, he is also a polific writer and have author many books such as the prophetic and vision, the pathway to the anointing, the Roadmap of a weary sojourner, vision of the great people, the enemy within, and breaking free from addiction and many others. He has been instrumental in the revival movement and beyond, he is currently resident in lafia, Nasarawa State Nigeria. Where his ministry head quarter’s is. Growing up Apostle Philip Cephas attended praise nursery and primary school where he took classes in basic general science and graduated in 1996, he proceeded to the government secondary school Tudun amba, where he did his junior secondary school and ended in 2003. After the junior secondary he proceeded to government science school lafia where he did his senior secondary, he there after proceeded to Ahmedu bello university school of basic and remedial studies funtowa katsina state where he studied RS 2 basically science, then he further proceeded to Ahmedu bello university Zaria where he studied biochemistry and graduated in 2014, he then did his NYSC in Kebbi state, Nigeria and retured back to Ahmedu bello university in 2017 to pursue his master degree in biochemistry and was done in2019, currently he is about to proceed for his PhD in biochemistry still.

       Apostle Philip Cephas is one of the founding members and worker of eternity network international popularly known as koinonia which was founded by Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmack in Zaria. Apostle Philip cephas served in the prayer unit of koinonia far back as 2011, Apostle Philip cephas did is internship as the former quality control and circulation officer at Nasarawa State water board lafia.Apostle Philip cephas was mentored and discipled by Apostle Joshua Selman(president of eternity network international), Apostle Arome Osayi( president of remnant Christian network),Apostle Babs Adewunmi(president of school of the spirit) and pastor Chingtok Ishaku(president of God life assembly). As president of shekinah network international his God-given mandate is to raise a people graciously helped by God, a people of presence, essence, power, and love, he is widely known for his quote “A man God help is better than a man that help himself”.


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  1. Born of God
  2. Beholding the Christ
  3. Becoming like the Christ
  4. Becoming a Living Witness


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