Christian Poetry: The Word

Christian Poetry: The Word

I want to be worried

I am filled with concerns

I want to launch into another spasm of "what ifs"

I feel my heart readying to jump into erratic rhythms 

But it is held back

An unseen force or maybe unspoken words, hold me back

I feel compelled to believe the word I received

It was clear

It was direct

It was in the middle of the chaos

It was peace

So, try as I may, I cannot deny

I bring up worries and concerns every other minute

And they meet the brick wall of that word everytime

My worries cannot stand, they shy away from the solidness of the word

My heart forgets and lurches in fear

But it doesn't go far

It is anchored

So even though I stare at my concerns as they parade themselves in front of me,

The word helps me and defies gravity

Against my will, it keeps me grounded

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